Platinum Engineering


Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is a consulting and developer company, the global leader in tech, advisory, and marketing services for blockchain projects. Employing over 100 specialists, it has helped to raise in excess of $200 million for several projects. It is also the largest listing service provider for STO, IEO, and ICO projects — over the past 3 years, it has supported and consulted more than 400 projects.

Projects and structure

In addition to its main services, Platinum Q DAO Engineering has developed several projects, such as Q DAO ecosystem and BTCNEXT exchange, and it still supports them, adding new features.

  1. Platinum Q DAO services. Being a well-known company in the blockchain world, Platinum Q DAO provides a wide range of services, demandable on blockchain markets. The list includes marketing, help with exchange listings, consulting services, advising and market making. Platinum Q DAO is the largest listing provider for STO, ICO, and IEO projects. Also, it can help in tokenizing any business, developing a smart contract and preparing a full package of required documents. Moreover, in the case of a project needing investments, Platinum Q DAO can organize fundraising via different roadshows in Asia.
  2. Q DAO is a decentralized stablecoin ecosystem, developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering team. It includes stablecoins and one main governing token called Q DAO. Q DAO holders have voting rights in the ecosystem and can make decisions on ecosystem changes. All other tokens of the ecosystem are the stablecoins, called USDQ, KRWQ, JPYQ, CNYQ, HKDQ, SGDQ. All of them are pegged to the value of different fiat currencies. However, they have an enormous advantage of all other stablecoins on the market, because of its decentralized nature. They aren’t backed by fiat funds stored on bank accounts, belonging to some centralized entity, they are backed by Bitcoin funds (other top 10 crypto assets will be added in the future as well), which get locked when the new stablecoins of the Q DAO family get created. Currently, USDQ is collateralized up to 200% by Bitcoin funds (of minimum 166%), and nobody has access to them, which is the great advantage over many stablecoins on the market.The price of tokens is maintained by neural networks, that can handle even the Black Swan situation, selling the necessary amount of Q DAO tokens to stabilize the price. The collateral can be released anytime, by any user who holds Q DAO main token and one of Q DAO stablecoins. By paying a fee with Q DAO token, the stablecoin can be sent back, and the user gets his Bitcoin collateral in return. The Q DAO governing token can be bought during an IEO. The Q DAO IEO is conducted for 10 months, each month a portion of tokens gets sold on various exchanges, including BTCNEXT, they can also be purchased via OTC desk. Those who buy tokens via OTC desk, get a significant discount, but the tokens have a lock-up period. Furthermore, the tokens from exchanges don’t have a lock-up period but have no discount either.
  3. BTCNEXT is an exchange of the new generation, also developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering. It has a big variety of coins and tokens listed, such as BTC, ETH, BCH, a lot of ERC20 tokens, and several stablecoins including USDQ. The exchange is very friendly to Korean and Japanese users, has the low 0.010% trading fees, and recently it has got a new upgraded trading interface to make the users’ experience as nice and effective as possible. Currently, the developers work on adding the margin trading feature and implementing fiat gateways. Also, BTCNEXT has its own exchange token, called BNX. It will be used for many things including paying trading and listing fees with 50% discount, participating in unique Initial Exchange Offerings that get conducted on BTCNEXT, participating in Airdrop campaigns, and buying blockchain courses or tickets to various conferences. BNX is an ERC20 token, in the future, it will be swapped and will migrate to its own blockchain. Its max supply is limited to 500,000,000 tokens. 15,000,000 of them will be sold to the public during the different stages of a public sale, the initial price for the token will be equal to $0.1.


Management team:

  • Anton Dziatkovskii — Platinum co-founder
  • Dan Khomenko — Platinum co-founder
  • i-Chan Huang — Chief Strategy Officer
  • JiJun Kim — Korean Community manager
  • Eddie Argueta — Head of Communications
  • Jitendra Rathod — Marketing manager
  • Martin Saldamando — Strategic Partnerships
  • Howard H. Kim — Blockchain evangelist
  • Takeshi Ito — Business developer
  • Herry Vu Singaporean — Community manager
  • Maria Danilova — Manager of Community Relations
  • Julia Della Scala — Business Development
  • Artem Finko — Marketing and communication manager
  • Daria Volkova — Project manager
  • Olga Novitskaya — Marketing Manager
  • Vladimir Grinevsky — Chief content manager

Engineering team:

  • Slava Mikhalkin — Team leader
  • Eric Risthisen — Blockchain Analyst
  • Slava Zheltov — Senior Security Specialist
  • Haleel Risthisen -Blockchain engineer
  • Nick Krashenninikov — Blockchain Architect
  • Alex Adylshin -Blockchain engineer
  • Den Udot- Back-end engineer
  • Ivan Borisov — Blockchain engineer
  • Teethat Rinchai — Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Mike Kudryashev — Front-end engineer
  • Victoria Robert — Product Designer
  • Nick Morozov — DevOps engineer
  • Rus Inozemtsev — Research Scientist
  • Eunchae Jang- IT Support Manager
  • Rinat Rezakov- Front-end engineer
  • Kate Ezerskaya — Front-end engineer
  • Nick Pisarskiy — Front-end engineer