Next-generation crowdfunding platform

Scruge is a DAO for tokenised crowdfunding. Using a decentralised stable cryptocurrency and governance by prediction markets. Scruge brings a transparent and decentralised mechanism for conducting crowd sales.

Eliminating scam in ICOs

Token sale process through Scruge is divided into 3 phases:

1. Commitment phase. During this phase, investors commit their funds to a campaign address. Lasts maximum for 60 days.

2. Distribution phase. If case soft cap is reached during after commitment phase finishes, then non-transferrable tokens are distributed pro rata to investors according to the distribution algorithm and first portion of funds is released to founders.

3. Milestone phase. During this phase, founders vote on the project and release of funds. In case all milestones successfully pass, Token Unfreeze Event kicks in, and tokens can be listed on secondary markets.


Scruge performs three functions: cryptocurrency wallet, crowdfunding marketplace and a bounty marketplace.

Cryptocurrency wallet allows users to store cryptocurrencies safely, make transactions and exchange between different tokens. With best security practices in mind, private keys are encrypted with asymmetric cryptography, stored in local enclave and never exposed when making transactions.

Crowdfunding marketplace connects founders and investors. Founders can upload information about their projects and upcoming fundraising details, which investors can easily check from their apps. Scruge also allows investors to interact with campaigns they invested and control how funding is being used.

Bounty marketplace allows founders to advertise their projects and bootstrap token economies by listing simple promotional tasks for people to complete in reward for tokens.


Dmitry Morozov. Founder. Co-founded first-student run blockchain organization in Australia with 300+ members. Mathematics dropout from the Australian National University.

Sergey Moskalenko. System Architect. 10+ Years of software development. 5+ years CTO experience.

Yaroslav Erohin. Lead Developer. 6 years of mobile development. Programming since 14 years old.

Project summary

Scruge aims to be an on-chain organisation. Using an innovative model of non-monetary governance and monetary governance, Scruge aspires to be a sustainable fully decentralised organisation.

Scruge is built on EOS — the advanced public blockchain platform with a thousands of active Dapps. We expect to become a standard for fundraising within the EOS community. [1][2][3][4][5]

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