7Bitcoins is a fast-growing crypto blog that mainly aims to expose the manipulation in cryptocurrency form traditional financial institutions and media outlets involved in this big scheme. We all know how media FUD spreads sometimes even republishing old events (for example exchange hacks and stolen fund news) events with headlines as is was fresh news.


The team constantly updates visitors with crypto regulation news mainly in the U.S but also in other countries.

At 7Bitcoins we publish reviews about coins we believe have a bright future. On the other side, users have the opportunity to post press releases which will be marked as sponsored content on the platform.

Most of the people involved in crypto did not read the bitcoin whitepaper so we made a free poster of the bitcoin whitepaper so as many people possible print it and read it and understand the purpose bitcoin was created.

7Bitcoins is divided into 7 categories:

  • News: News about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain economy.
  • Mining: Guides and tutorials about the process of mining of different cryptocurrencies
  • Wallets: Guides and tutorials about the options to store cryptocurrency and how to do that securely.
  • Exchanges: Reviews and how to do guides about most popular exchanges.
  • Adoption: News and case studies about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption.
  • Coinmarket: A section were cryptocurrency prices are updated in real time.
  • Press Release: Learn about events and new developments in the crypto sphere.

7Bitcoins uses a simple language in order to be easy for beginners to understand the complex world of cryptocurrencies while remaining at the top of the progressive advancement of the crypto technology.

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