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8 Circuit Studios (8BT) – We build video games, digital assets and tools for blockchain that empower players and developers.

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ICO start date: 2018-10-01

pre-ICO start date: 2018-09-30


8 Circuit Studios builds video games, digital assets and tools for blockchain that empower players and developers to manifest their imagination. Their vision is to contribute to the construction of a new form of reality; this digital dimension is called The Metaverse.

8 Circuit Studios creates digital assets that evolve. As they level up, the “skills” of the assets have the ability to change (either programmatically or by player decision), making them more unique with each evolution. The blockchain integration in these games is easy, accessible, and almost transparent making it simple for players to get started owning their own assets and tokens. No third party wallets, no browser extensions, no exchanges. Just play the game, buy tokens with a credit card and learn how to manage your assets on chain.

For developers 8 Circuit Studios offers a platform designed specifically for game development with the Ethereum blockchain. Our platform is designed to provide the video game industry the tools to make decisions about what aspects of the game should be managed on or off chain, streamlining the integration process. The platform hosts contracts that are updatable and manageable after deployment, while still providing the security and immutability expected of this technology. The platform will also provide access to a network of partners expanding the possibilities of what all games can build and accomplish with cross game assets.

What are the biggest reasons for the token’s value increase over time?

The 8BT Token is a utility token and the only means to acquire digital assets produced by 8 Circuit Studios and it’s partners. 8 Circuit Studios digital assets have scarcity built into contract, are capable of leveling up or evolving, are truly owned by the player and can be used as cross game assets in other games of the metaverse. Since these assets have the potential for increasing value, and must be acquired with 8BT combining that with a limited supply of 8BT, that is the potential of the currency.

Why is your company going to succeed?

8 Circuit Studios has developed a blockchain-based game development platform that is currently being leveraged by its first title, Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain. It has two other games in development, and has already created a partnership with the company behind Mankind Reborn (a cyberpunk MMO), Far Frontier Studios, to use 8 Circuit Studios ERC-721 property assets and 8 Circuit Studios ERC-20 8 Bit Tokens (8BT’s). Now that validity of the company’s business case has been demonstrated, future success will be accomplished by replicating this partnership model with other game developers and publishers (thanks to the network of contacts from the team members extensive game development experience).

Where did your team members meet originally?

The majority of the team members have met from working together in the video game industry over the years, or through their shared fascination with blockchains while participating in their local blockchain communities.

What are the top 5 risks you see for your business?

The top five risks we anticipate for 8 Circuit Studios business are as follows: 1.) Regulatory uncertainty. 2.) Security. Cheating and hacking is built into gaming culture. While no one is impervious to bad actors, 8 Circuit Studios will leverage its experience in minimizing attack surface areas through extensive game development testing methologies. 8 Circuit Studios is also cultivating a tightly knit community to operate as an extended front-guard in white-hat testing efforts. 3.) Slow adoption of blockchain-based gaming. The video game industry, generally speaking, has developed a healthy skepticism of blockchains thanks in large part to the poor publicity of failed ICO’s, scam ICO’s, and the uncertainty around regulation. However, larger developers (like Ubisoft, Epic, etc.) and publishers (like Microsoft) are leading the way in exploring blockchain development which indicates the common posture for the games industry embracing innovation and acceptance of new technology before other industries. 4.) Lack of blockchain expertise at scale. As 8 Circuit Studios rapidly grows its staff to develop its ambitious projects, it may be increasingly difficult to find qualified blockchain developers. 5.) Current dependency on status of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is scaling in a measured fashion but the reliability of the network is volatile. In the short term, the 8 Circuit Studios platform is designed to buffer gamers from low level volatility through game design modalities (pay-to-play and free-but-wait, and optimized blockchain data storage), but high level volatility will impact transactions. In the long term, 8 Circuit Studios will develop side-chain and atomic swap solutions as it scales its platform and user base.

More information in the project whitepaper: [1]

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