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Aenco ICO
Ticker: AEN
ICO start: 2018-09-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-30 00:00:00
Price: 1 AEN = 0.1 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 600000000
Tokentype: ERC223
Hardcap: 60,000,000 USD
Softcap: 15,000,000 USD
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 15%
Minimum: 1 ETH
Accepting: BTC, ETH

The World’s First Blockchain-Based Healthcare Financial Solutions and Application Development Platform; HealthTech, Smart Capital, and Prime Brokerage Solutions Under One Umbrella.



Aenco is a blockchain based global financial solutions platform, combining decades of experience in traditional financial services and prime brokerage, with network of Healthcare technology (“HealthTech”) innovation partners and new-age applications, collectively developed under the umbrella “Aenco Global HealthTech Financial Solutions platform”.
What is special about Aenco?
Aenco is the world’s FIRST Blockchain based Healthcare Technology Financial Solutions Platform that leverages healthcare technologies with institutional financing, prime brokerage and smart capital solutions under one umbrella.
Aenco is a “one stop shop” for the delivery of cutting edge institutional financing, prime brokerage and core smart capital solutions for the HealthTech industry, as well as a research and collaboration hub for healthcare companies and projects involved in the field of blockchain development.
Aenco will be combining its solutions platform and core financial ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community, through the AEN token, as the key ecosystem building block and extensions across ALL its service and community deliveries.
The Aenco platform empowers emerging and innovative healthcare companies with digital financing capabilities, so that they can focus on generating high potential and impactful technologies that can transform our world and day to day lives.
Aenco is supported by the group’s planned regulated infrastructure (including the establishment of a commercial bank within the group) and presence in major jurisdictions including Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States, through which Aenco will effectively deliver its solutions, generating an increasing and rapidly evolving ecosystem.


2005: Aeneas Capital grante Asset Management license by SFC (Hong Kong).
2008-2009: Fund products generate positive returns throughout subprime crisis.
4Q 2010: Assets managed by Aeneas deployed into health care private equity and direct investments.
2Q 2016: Aeneas Group builds healthtech partnership with Aptorum Group, a multi-disciplinary medical innovations platform based in HK.
3Q 2017: Aeneas Capital initiates to expand its licenses with the SFC in HK to include dealing and advising in securities;
Aeneas expands partnerships with healthtech companies specializing in neuro, infectious diseases, and robotic surgery devices.
1Q 2018: Aeneas Capital, LLC. established in New Jersey, U.S.A. to set up a FINRA regulated broker dealer (in progress);
Aeneas Group establishing a full-service banking license in Europe (in progress).
2Q 2018: June Initiate Private Sale;
Aeneas Capital granted expanded licenses by the SFC in HK to deal and advise in securities;
Community investors outreach.
4Q 2018: Expand team: Developers;
1st pipeline healthtech;
ICO launch;
Launch first generation smart wallet & infrastucture (AEN Connect).
4Q 2019: Second generation: AENX trading exchange.
2Q 2020: Third generation: AENCO prime brokerage platform;
Ongoing service & expansion of pipeline HealthTech partners.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Ian Huen Co-Founder Ian Huen photo 4.6
Darren Lui Co-Founder Darren Lui photo 4.6
Kenrick Fok CFO Kenrick Fok photo 4.6
Geoff Tipy CTO Geoff Tipy photo 4.6
Charles Lau Managing Director Charles Lau photo 4.6
Erica Chan Head of Wealth Management Erica Chan photo 4.6
Isabella Lai Senior Director Isabella Lai photo 4.6
Teddy Ip Senior Director Teddy Ip photo 4.6
Nick Wan Co-Investment Director Nick Wan photo 4.6
Calvin Poon Co-Investment Director Calvin Poon photo 4.6
Ally Cheung Head of Community Management Ally Cheung photo 4.6
David Carey Senior Cloud Engineer David Carey photo 4.6
Aaron Regala Business Analyst Aaron Regala photo 4.6
Andy Chan Head of Insurance Andy Chan photo 4.6
Issac Cheung Full Stack Developer Issac Cheung photo 4.6
Douglas W. Arner Senior Regulatory and Strategic Advisor Advisor Douglas W. Arner photo 4.6
Virginia Lam Marketing Advisor Advisor Virginia Lam photo 4.6
Douglas Ching Marketing Advisor Advisor Douglas Ching photo 4.6
S.M. Yiu Advisor Advisor S.M. Yiu photo 4.6
Jeff Marquass Advisor Advisor Jeff Marquass photo 5.6
Albert Leung Advisor Advisor Albert Leung photo 4.6
Kenny Yu Advisor Advisor Kenny Yu photo 4.6
Kwok Ka Wai Advisor Advisor Kwok Ka Wai photo 4.6
Owen Ko Advisor Advisor Owen Ko photo 4.6
Sunny Wong Advisor Advisor Sunny Wong photo 4.6
William Wu Advisor Advisor William Wu photo 4.6
Joe Hui Advisor Advisor Joe Hui photo 4.6
Julian Ting Advisor Advisor Julian Ting photo 4.6
Shell Cheung Advisor Advisor Shell Cheung photo 4.6

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