WHAT IS AGROLIFECOIN? 

Agrolifecoin is a social network of agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing, where everyone can have their own stores to sell or buy products, both farmers and companies dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and tools. In addition we will have our own free cryptocurrency decentralized and mining, with discharge wallets, mobile application and integration for businesses worldwide.


AgrolifeCoin comes to innovative ecosystem of criptomonedas focused and based on the primary sector, mainly agriculture.AgrolifeCoin is an alternative form of payment to the current media in the value chain of the products generated by this economic activity.AgrolifeCoin mission is to help all people worldwide to use a fast, economic and safe payment system. It will help in the development of the villages, providing great benefits to producers and consumers of agricultural products. It will reduce significantly the commissions that are paid for the purchase of said products.

Scope of Application

✔Capital and financial asset. It can be used as a saving and investment instrument. ✔Digital platform. It is the asset that supports the economic activity of the AgrolifeCoin social network; on the other hand, the network itself contributes to the rise in the value of the currency. ✔Exchange medium. It will be redeemable for FIAT money or other cryptocurrencies through digital exchange houses. ✔Customized payment system. It can be used for the purchase of goods and services worldwide. ✔Marketing Solutions. It will significantly improve the channels and marketing processes of the products, reducing the intermediaries in the value chain, increasing profits in a very significant way.


Agrolifecoin is here to stay. Our mission is to be the first Social Network for Tools and Agriculture Products. We strive to deliver value to investors while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment to our users and our business partners on agriculture, always striving of honesty, fairness and integrity.


The responsibility for Agrolifecoin is to continuously improve all aspects of the world in which we develop our operations (environment, society, economy) creating a better future. Our vision is to launch initiatives that benefit users and be committed to creating value for both the producer and the consumer, becoming Agrolifecoin in a truly sustainable company.

FUTURE FOR AGRICULTURE Thinking about the future and better for agriculture and aquaponics

FUTURE FOR FORESTRY Thinking about the future of forestry and environmental care

FUTURE FOR FISHING Thinking about the future of fisheries and fish farms

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Technical Data

WAVES PLATFORM Thecnology of AgrolifeCoin. Token Name AgroLifeCoin Token Symbol AGLC Token Price 1 AGLC = 0.05 EUR Token Platform Waves Total Supply 250,000,000 AGLC


Token Distribution 250 million pre-mined Tokens have been issued and will be used for the following purposes: 100 million distributed in 1 million Tokens for each of the 100 co-founders who have financed the project. The first 5000 users registered in the social network received 1000 Tokens. The first 5000 registered who buy at least 1000 Tokens in Waves DEX will receive 1000 Tokens. The first 1000 people who purchase the PRO subscription in the social network will give away 10000 Tokens. The rest is maintained by the company to cover and give coins in the credit swap. of the social network.


The transactions are guaranteed by the underlying technology: the Blockchain. When the transaction is made to a recipient, we have absolute certainty that this will be the case and not another one who receives our payment. On this point we must say that different systems of trust have been tested that guarantee the agreement between the parties, in case of having to correct some transaction error in the transactions.

AgrolifeCoin is not subject to the intermediation of third parties, it is based on point-to-point transactions between the one who transfers the money and the one who receives it.

Use a string of classic blockchain in which the transactions are public but SHA256 encryption is used to secure them. It is impossible to falsify or duplicate the use of advanced cryptography techniques that prevent such a fact. The network on which it is supported and the wallets have important security measures, such as verifications in two phases or encryption by key pairs. All this guarantees that AgrolifeCoin coins are used legitimately.

The download wallets and the Web have been audited by computer security companies to ensure a high level of security against hacker attacks or malicious uses.