• Masternodes .

Masternodes are programs that manage the Amsterdam wallet and make decisions, such as Blocking transactions with SwiftTX, coordination entanglement of coins and the vote on government funding. Masternodes are required to have a Deposit of 100,000 AMS and can safely work 24 hours a day ,without a single loss of hr connection without interruptions and malfunctions.

  • Variable remuneration

To promote smooth the ratio between the stackable and the original nodes in the network, the team of Amsterdam started a system of variable remuneration balance Seesaw which dynamically adjusts the size of remuneration unit between the originals and stackable hubs.

  • Sustainable production through ASIC

Amsterdam coin uses XEVAN as its mining algorithm and spork. This algorithm was originally found by Bitsend (BSD) and proved to protect against ASIC data mining equipment. AmsterdamCoin has a 180-day proof phase of work that will end on November 11, 2017 00: 00

  • Ultra-fast transaction processing

60 second lock time is already very fast, transactions with AmsterdamCoin using SwiftTX are instant, just with zero confirmation waiting time.

  • Complete safety

Built on Bitcoin Core 0.10.x. Bip38 encryption / decryption of private keys.

If you started to torment the question where you can buy AMS token – I will please you that this token is already trading on such large exchanges as Yobit and YOBIT – BTC / AMS COINEXCHANGE.IO – BTC / AMS

  • Usability: this is a new form of value, speculation on price is secondary to their actual use.
  • Transparency: unlike traditional scoring systems, tokens, etc., the transfer and ownership of blockchain tokens is verifiable, impossible to fake, which gives them real value.
  • Cost and speed of exchange: many tokens are designed specifically to handle a large number of transactions. For example, the Internet of Things requires millions of computers to exchange information and micro-payments.
  • Coin malitsa and actively traded.

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