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Ticker: BHM
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 BHM
Bonus: 1
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 28,000 ETH
Platform: EOS
Distributed: 27%
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

BHOM, which stands for BLOCKCHAIN HOME, is a blockchain-based property transaction & funding platform. It is a DApp commercial service which allows users to quickly and safely invest in properties using smart contracts and cryptocurrency.



Blockchain is a technology fit for solving the verification problem in real estate transaction. Most of all, it can remove the time difference between the transaction and the confirmation of verification. Once a contract is uploaded on the blockchain network in the form of a smart contract, one can simultaneously process payment and transferring of rights by verifying the genuineness of the rights holder from the information received from the public sector at the time of the contract. In terms of allowing such simultaneous processing, blockchain could be an alternative solution to the existing problem.
Blockchain is almost impossible to counterfeit. Consensus models like PoW1 or PoS2 of the 1st generation blockchain as well as algorithms based on PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance), which can be viewed as the following generation, are considered free from problems of counterfeit verification compared to primitive verification methods of existing means such as seals.
Also, users of the BHOM blockchain network can delegate the complicated verification confirmation procedure to blockchain. Once the blockchain network of BHOM connects to the public sector, confirmation of verification will be carried out by BHOM blockchain network in place of the users. What a user can do is to check its results and sign the contract by clicking a button.
Real estate transaction is only a starting point for the blockchain network that BHOM is picturing. BHOM aims for a ‘blockchain city’ where blockchain in various fields such as education, health, finance, logistics, transport, and housing are all connected. Among them, the housing field will be a starting point of the blockchain city and various actions ranging from transaction to living in the housing field will be connected to the blockchain city.


Q4 2017 : Developer Conference.
Blockchain City Plan Announcement / Marcus Evans 2nd Annual Smart City Conference.
BHOM Token Generation.
BHOM LAB Establishment.
2018Q3: BHOM Property Transaction Platform Beta Test / Beta Data Collection and Analysis.
Listing of BHM on Exchange (Projected).
2018Q4: MOU with Cities for BHOM Community Networking (Projected).
Smart Contract and BHOM Coin-using Lease Execution
/ Prototype Housing Service (Projected).
Co-living Apartment Prototype Service (Projected).
BHOM Mainnet Operation.
Official Launching of BHOM Property Transaction and Investment Platform.
Official Implementation of Property Transaction and Investment.
Blockchain City Project Initiation.[1]


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Changsub Lee CEO, Co-founder; Global Business Specialist Changsub Lee photo 2.7
Chris Jeon COO, Co-founder; Business Model Specialist Chris Jeon photo 2.7
Corinne Louis Legal Researcher Corinne Louis photo 2.7
Hunook Kim Creator; Blockchain City Planner Hunook Kim photo 2.7
Hyosun Lee Creator, Architect; Authorized Real estate Expert Hyosun Lee photo 2.7
Dawn Yun Creator; Concept Planner Dawn Yun photo 2.7
Donghyon Lee Legal Researcher Donghyon Lee photo 2.7
Taewon Kang Blockchain Analyst; Blockchain Specialist Taewon Kang photo 2.7
Byeongjun Park Global Communicator Byeongjun Park photo 2.7
Kyoungwook Kim Platform Specialist Kyoungwook Kim photo 5.4
Byungju Lee Creative Director; Chairman of Planning Korea Advisors Byungju Lee photo 2.7
Hajin Jhun Chairperson of the Self Regulatory Committee of Korea Blockchain Association Advisors Hajin Jhun photo 5.7
Jongsan Kim Risk Management & Customer Protection Specialist Advisors Jongsan Kim photo 2.7
Dukmin Lee Legal Advisor; Law Office Gold Mountain Advisors Dukmin Lee photo 2.7
Minseub Choi Vice-president of Residential Environment Institute of Korea; Vice-president of the Korean Association of Urban Policies; Director of Korea Real Estate Analysis Association Advisors Minseub Choi photo 2.7
Ryan Lee CTO, Blockchain Dept. Leader; Full stack Developer BHOM LAB Development Dept. Ryan Lee photo 2.7
Edmund Kim S/W Developer BHOM LAB Development Dept. Edmund Kim photo 2.7
Evergreen Kim Optimization Engineer; Algorithm Specialist BHOM LAB Development Dept. Evergreen Kim photo 2.7
Ethan Jeong H/W Developer Algorithm R&D Electronics Specialist BHOM LAB Development Dept. Ethan Jeong photo 2.7
Taegyun Kim Technical Support Engineer BHOM LAB Development Dept. Taegyun Kim photo 2.7
Kyoungwook Kim Platform Specialist Technical Advisors Kyoungwook Kim photo 5.4
Sean Watchbot CTO Technical Advisors Sean photo 2.7
Jiny Watchbot Co-CEO Technical Advisors Jiny photo 2.7
Seph Watchbot Co-CEO Technical Advisors Seph photo 2.7

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