BUYTEX is a cryptocurrency exchange. The launch is scheduled for August 2020. BUYTEX Exchange was founded by Andreas Berg, who is also the CEO.


BUYTEX Overview

The news of the BUYTEX exchange launch was released in May 2020. The project’s founders announced that it will use cutting edge technologies for user security and speed of transactions. Pre-registration started in June 2020, in less than two months the platform saw a few thousand users registered. In many respects, the success of BUYTEX hinged on low commission fees and a partner program titled BUYTEX NETWORK. The founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange, Andreas Berg, has previously worked on the BitMax exchange. This fact also helped bolster audience trust of the platform.

BUYTEX Application

The company has announced its own wallet application, its launch is scheduled for October 2020. This coincides with the first international event organized by BUYTEX, titled “The First International BUYTEX Forum”.


BUX is an exchange token of the BUYTEX exchange. Every BUX holder receives a share of profit from the exchange, however, BUX is more than just an investment vehicle, it fuels the entire exchange. BUX is used for paying exchange commission fees, participating in the referral program, access to additional instruments, services and training. BUX emission 999 999 999 tokens. Every quarter BUYTEX will burn a number of BUX equal to 15% of the exchange’s profit until just 500 000 000 BUX is left.

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