Bitcademy is a social impact project based in Poland aims to create a digital marketplace for academy footballers allowing for the trading and investing in players directly by using blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Founded this year in February, the company wants to stimulate local economies by providing educational facilities and training academies that will be open to members of the community.

“Bitcademy, started social media campaign 3 months ago and so far the follower’s strength have grown exceptionally well – Twitter 18K, Telegram 23K, Facebook 12K”, the company told Business report.

“Bitcademy focusses to create a platform of digital decentralized services where young players can be sponsored directly by investors all over the world. With the motive to help elevate local communities and bring balance in sports.”

According to Bitcademy, they have self-financed the business but are in-active negotiations with few venture capital companies.

“Since the amount of traction garnered online is commendable, the growing interest can be witnessed both in business and football world,” said the company.

The company currently employs a team of 17 people with experience in start-ups, business, IT and football experts.

“Bitcademy is currently preparing for Initial Coin Offering which is nothing more than another version of Public Offering where investors can buy company’s shares. With a minimum investment of just $200, any person can participate in the activity which shall commence in December 2018.

When asked about the social project, Bitcademy said it aims to help kids achieve their dreams.

“Imagine that a school that can provide education for 4 years and later one becomes a professional football player. It’s easier due to properly built software (named marketplace) to expose players for football clubs – the players’ progress is monitored at school with the latest technology, AI calculates one’s skills predictions, the candidates profile is on the marketplace – thus making one’s profile more attractive and visible for clubs,” said the company.

As an investor in the initiative, one will sign a contract with the academy and participate in the profit from the contract signed by the player.

When asked about where Bitcademy sees the future of blockchain going, the company stated and considered blockchain as the future otherwise they wouldn’t be making this project.

“The biggest advantage is transparency – whatever is on blockchain cannot be changed – that can bring more stability to football which in many cases is very corrupted. The biggest utility of the project will be to create sustainable environments and make a social impact footprint as quoted by Bitcademy.


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