Bitradio is a music service for earning cryptocurrency.



The Bitradio project appeared in April 2017, and in May the BRO coin became available to potential investors. “We really like music radio stations, the Internet and bitcoin” — the developers of Bitradio told about the reasons for the appearance of the project. Bitradio is a website that gives access to 30,000 radio stations from around the world, for listening the user is charged a certain amount of BRO every hour. The exact amount depends on the music channel. Music can be turned on as a background from your computer or phone.

BRO token

In total, 10 million coins will be issued. More than 10 thousand people have already joined the project. The specification of the cryptocurrency provides for the payment for 5 BRO block (1 block — 2 minutes), of which 4 coins are distributed among the listeners. Another 0.5 BRO goes to the stacking (confirmation), 0.5 BRO — to the owners of the master node. The master node is a kind of status that the user receives for the fact that there are at least 2500 BRO on his local wallet, and which gives the right to an additional premium. The cryptocurrency Protocol is Proof-of-Stake. There is no possibility of mining except by listening to music.

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