Coin360 is an online platform with the latest data on the situation on the cryptocurrency market with the indication of the current market capitalization of all main cryptocurrencies.

Coin360 Features

The information about the cryptocurrency market capitalization is visualized by with the use of the brick diagram or tree-like map. Such visualization form allows seeing the total capitalization as well as separate market shares occupied by various cryptocurrencies. The change of the cryptocurrency rate is shown with color markers: the growing rates are marked with green and the falling ones – with red.

The user has the possibility to set up the chart by selecting only coins or tokens. One can also switch between the trading volumes and market capitalization and see the results of the trades of the last hour, 24 hour or 7 days. The filter allows to remove certain tokens from the common map; in this case all data are re-distributed in accordance with the new parameters.

Among the cryptocurrency parameters in the rating, there are: the price in dollars and Bitcoin, the rate change and the trading volume for a certain period of time, the total capitalization and protocol, on which the cryptocurrency is working.


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