Connecty token is a 3.0 web platform focused on the Knowledge Economy. The goal of is to connect the world of knowledge (scientists, experts, etc) with the innovative world (start-up, small or big companies). The challenge is to promote, simplify and accelerate exchanges between these two worlds in order to reduce the cycle of innovation



Connecty is looking to streamline the relationship between businesses and research house by serving as the missing link between holders of knowledge and those responsible for transforming knowledge into innovation. This knowledge ecosystem is setting out to accommodate all scenarios on the spectrum: from a short request for an expert’s opinion to a comprehensive research study that may stretch over a considerable period of time. Connecty will be open to all areas of knowledge and all fields of study ranging from physics, engineering and IT systems to ecology, environment and society plus everything in between. Those seeking answers will be rewarded with solutions to their queries, while those providing the answers will have a platform to showcase their knowledge, increase their visibility and earn payment once a task is successfully completed.

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