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Cryptobank is a blockchain banking platform which aiming to create the financial instruments without volatility on a basis of cryptocurrency .



Crypterium ICO the first crypto bank

CryptoBank is a decentralized global payment system based on blockchain technology. Cryptobank inherits the properties of the bitcoin Protocol code version 0.12, which include: decentralized exchange transactions, open source, wallet encryption, transparency, a multiparty system and reporting functions, full ownership of the account without the involvement of a third party, the inability to cancel the transaction.

ICO start date: 2017-06-01 It was developed on the basis of Bitcoin, but without such vulnerabilities as “attack 51%. Mining algorithm: SHA-256 Block time: 15 min Block reward: 0.00


  • CBD=USD, CBE=EUR, CBR=RUR, CBY=CNY tokens premined with a special anti-inflationary algorithm and will have a tight binding to the appropriate fiat currencies- User will be able to tie a card to one of the Cryptobank’s ticker and withdraw money from any ATM- Peer-to-peer credit platform- Low commissions


The main features in manifest are:

  • facilitates usage of cryptocurrency: sending, receiving amounts
  • provable reserves auditable in the public peer-to-peer network (e.g.: Bitcoins Blockchain)
  • takes responsibility for the security and confidentiality of the funds under deposit
  • provides a level of security far beyond what typical consumers can achieve on desktop computers, such as the use of Hardware security module (HSM)
  • more than one account per person (like Chequing, Savings, etc.)
  • comparable to a “Web Wallet” but professionally run at larger scale.


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