Cryzen is a trading platform that allows users to create their own algorithms of different functionality, using a platform for developing bots. Users can write, test and run bots themselves using Python.



In addition, users can create, test and configure various trading strategies (arbitrage, momentum, etc.). No knowledge in programming is necessary – everything happens through a simple, adapted to a conventional user interface. The platform allows users to create algorithms that use data such as: cryptocurrency prices, information from news media, various events, as well as information about the state of the blockchain. The frequency of information update does not exceed one second.


The project officially appeared in early 2018. In March, the developers began to create a primary prototype, and in June, testing of the alpha version of the Cryzen platform was completed. In September of this year it is scheduled to hold XEN presale, and in October to launch a full-fledged Cryzen platform. In early 2019, the developers plan to introduce support for artificial intelligence and machine learning. In mid-2019, it is planned to conduct an ICO and establish contacts with the US securities and exchange Commission (SEC). BY October 2019, the owners of XEN tokens will receive the first benefits from the investment.

Operating principle

Experienced cryptocurrency traders sooner or later face the fact that the standard functionality of exchanges is not enough for them. Here, the Cryzen platform comes to the rescue, allowing users to create trading software that fully meets their individual needs. For those who know programming and are familiar with the Python language, the platform for creating, testing and running bots is available. Its advantage is that the user can implement absolutely any functionality that he needs when trading cryptocurrencies. For those who do not have the necessary knowledge in programming, the Cryzen platform offers a simplified interface with which users can create trading bots with the necessary set of functions that will operate on the specified parameters.

At the moment there is no stable and debugged software for algorithmic trading. The available solutions lack data, accuracy and sufficient tests in real conditions (simulation of trading algorithms on the market for the past period). These problems are intended to tackle with Cryzen.


The project token is a means of receiving dividends from the platform’s profits. The owners of the token XEN get 40% of the profits received by Cryzen from the sale of paid services. During the ICO, the price of 1 XEN will be $2.5.

Bounty program

The project will have 3 stage bounty program. At the first stage, 1 million XEN were allocated, which is equivalent to $2.5 million at the price of ICO. Users can get rewards for the following activity:

  • Twitter – 25%
  • Medium – 30%
  • YouTube – 20%
  • Signatures – 25%

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