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Datacoin (DTC) is a reliable, censorship-free currency that can be used for transactions and data storage within its sophisticated blockchain.



Datacoin DTC working progress

Data is stored in the blockchain forever and can be retrieved using a transaction hash as an identifier. Datacoin is a platform that can be used by applications such as torrent trackers, encrypted messaging services, and can be used to store other kinds of small data – all censorship-free.

Developers can store torrent files, certificates, and with future development, HTML pages and other kinds of meta-information in the Datacoin blockchain.

Windows users can use a GUI wallet, Linux users should compile datacoind or Datacoin-QT from source (see instructions). Wallets are in development, and more features are coming soon, but the wallet’s current functionality is similar to other coins.

Key features

  • Data transactions EZ Flash IV – revolutionary feature for storing data
  • Fast transactions, 1 minute between blocks
  • CPU-mining coin
  • Primecoin hashing algorithm
  • Total supply of 2,000,000,000 coins

Data transactions

Data transactions feature includes following functions:

  • Permanent personal storage in the blockchain – user can encrypt and save personal info, wallets, keys, and be sure that no one deletes their info – by accident, or because they forgot to pay for the storage, etc
  • Self-hosted web applications that cannot be blocked by provider or go down because of DDOS
  • Storing information that cannot be deleted by government security services or large corporations
  • Eternal ‘file hosting services’ without any limits for downloads
  • Scientists can store proofs of discoveries here – it can help while trying to get patents, it can serve as proof of priority right

There are many other use cases for Datacoin that can be developed. Just now you can store data and build applications on top-level of Datacoin protocol, and together with Namecoin the cryptocurrency community can build independent and free “CoInternet” (merged from words ‘coin’ and ‘Internet’).

Datacoin price

The price of DTC token or Datacoin is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.




  • Datacoin-QT
  • Datacoind
  • GUI wallet

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