This pool is considered one of the most convenient. It is supported on both desktop and mobile versions. This pool was founded in the USA in 2016. It has adjustable coin output setting. The assets of this Pool three coins: ETH Etherium; ETC Etherium classic; zcash for ZEC. The average Commission for maintenance is about 1 %. Number of visitors in this period of time is more than 10.000.000 people, it is believed that one of the active is the Russians.


To join the pool, registration as such is not required due to the fact that for identification it is enough to just specify the wallet on which the amount will be transferred.

Pool sections

Opening the website we are immediately in the main window of the ETH which has General information on the coin, its status, what the moment, Hasrat how many miners, how many blocks are processed in an hour of time, the last found block and the price of the coin. Also displays a table of sent hasraton. A distinctive feature of this service is that its servers are divided into continents. If you understand, you can determine which server will be closer to you for example: Asia, Europe, South America and West America. These are the four main servers on which the load is distributed. Further, based on the need, we can choose on what software the mining farm will work. Based on Nvidia or Amd. Under each hardware there is a type of programs that are properly configured.

Clicking a section of the pools by selecting the tab ETC, We find ourselves in Setting and Etherium classic. In this tab, we can see what hashrate is currently, how many active Miners, how many active Workers, how many blocks are mined per hour, the last block found and the price of the coin. For this coin two servers are allocated: in Europe and America. You can choose suitable one according to the distance of the remoteness and configure the hardware on this server. As in the previous version, you can select the list of applications based on the equipment.

In the tab of Tula is the third coin zcash for. Going to this tab, we also see a table that shows the Hashrate, active miners, active workers, the number of blocks in one hour, the last block found and the price per coin. Three servers are allocated for this coin: Asia, Europe, America. As in the previous coins there is also to select those applications which are suitable for the equipment.

In the statistics column, we can observe the statistics of the pool as a whole for the period of six months. Found blocks within a month of their chart. Graph Blocks: Here we can observe the number of blocks found at a certain time and date on a certain server, all statistics are given for a calendar month. The Luck column Shows statistics on the last 1000 blocks. The table displays the block number, the server, the date it was found, the complexity that was at that time, the hashrate, the time spent on that block. Also this service supports the application function that can make it easier to use.

Distinctive features

A distinctive feature of this service for all coins are several features: anonymous mining, provided servers on different continents, accurate calculation of hashrate, payment for all found blocks, innovennye payments, customizable payment threshold, professional support, low Commission, notification system by e-mail, third-party applications for Android and iOS. All this gives confidence in this service as a strong and competitive player in this market. Supported languages: English, German, Spanish.

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