FastCash4Bitcoin was a service run by Tangible Cryptography from April, 2012 to May, 2013. FastCash4Bitcoins operated as a direct broker, purchasing bitcoins directly from users. Users could elect payment by a number of fast payout options. The company was a MSB (Money Service Business) registered with FinCEN.

The service was launched on Apr 6, 2012. Tangible Cryptography LLC was founded by DeathAndTaxes a long time veteran of . In May, 2013 the site suspended operations, to resolve claims by regulators in Virginia that the activity constituted issuing “stored value” under Virginia statute. Those attempts proved unsuccessful and Tangible Cryptography ceased operating this service. Tangible Cryptography formed a subsidiary incorporated in South Carolina, which operates a similar service under the brand name BitSimple and due to regulatory uncertainty blocks this service from residents of Virginia.

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