The main goal of the FedoraCoin project is to create an ecosystem platform that will be used to pay for goods and various services, as well as to exchange and attract investments using BTC and LTC as an investment.



The name of the project was given by the famous English meme “tips fedora”, which was popular in the English-speaking audience of the Internet in 2012. The principle of use and circulation were taken from two popular criptocoins BTC and LTC, which can be used to exchange different payments as well as for investment.

FedoraCoin price

The price of TIPS token or FedoraCoin is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.

Technical side

As a working algorithm, the Protocol TiPS Mixing Service will be used, which is open source and is designed to prevent data interception and tracking by third parties.

According to the project Roadmap and Whitepaper, cryptocurrency can be mined on a regular computer, smartphone, without resorting to buying expensive video cards and video processors. At the same time, users note the low speed of generation and production of coins, which in turn affects the effective profit.

For mining KGW algorithm is used, which allows to regulate the mining complexity of each newly formed block in the network, but takes into account the parameters of the total number of miners that are engaged in the generation of tokens.

FedoraCoin token

  • Listing marker-TIPS.
  • The position of the token according to Coinmarketcap-671 place.
  • Price – $ 0.00002-0.00004.
  • Market capitalization – $5,576 million * Official resource ecosystems http://fedoracoin.top
  • Maximum number of tokens – 500 billion TIPS.
  • Time for the block-time-60 seconds.
  • Difficulty to reconfigure blocks-10 minutes.
  • Premine, as a test – 3 unit.


  • Commission of 2%. No matter what amount of crypto assets users send, they will be charged a large comission.
  • Long period of the procedure. There are no instant reactions during transactions, operations, message forwarding.

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