Finafex is a crypto asset trading platform that is fully regulated and backed by an investement bank Capital Investement Bank Labuan Ltd.


Finafex is the crypto arm of Captial Investement Bank Ltd. Labuan (CIBL) which recognizes the potential and growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and aims of creating an exchange which facilitates users to trade in cryptographically secured assets, security tokens, bond notes and crypto futures, thereby driving the crypto industry adoption. The Finafex team includes early cryptocurrency adopters who have been studying the market and its development for years.

The Finafex Platform adheres to the regulatory compliance and complies with all the rules established under the Labuan offshore crypto framework at the technology, legal, financial and operational level.

Initially, the exchange will support BTC, ETH, Ripple, KCS, LTC, NEO and various ERC20 tokens. Also, the exchange is also fiat enabled allowing multiple fiat currency including but not limited to USD, CHY, JPY as trading pair.

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