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GIG9 ICO Review
Ticker: GIG
ICO start: 2018-06-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-15 00:00:00
Price: 1 GIG = 0.11 USD
Tokentype: ERC223
Hardcap: 37 000 ETH
Softcap: 3 000 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Minimum: 0.01 ETH

GIG9: the future of the global services industry, reimagined on the Ethereum blockchain technology. GIG9’s revolutionary platform will be first of its kind to promoting a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace, controlled independently by the market participants.

Based on the Uber model, leveraging mobile devices and geo location, consumers can quickly find trusted and skilled service providers in their vicinity, connecting the consumer and the service provider conveniently at the tap of the smartphone. This also enables price transparency and cost efficiency for all parties, integrity of service history and contractual fulfillment via smart contracts. Users can pay or be paid for services by Cryptocurrency.

GIG9 is tomorrow’s solution for the $2 trillion gig economy.



GIG9 is investing to develop a platform based on Blockchain technology. Why blockchain? Because this technology allows buyer and seller to interact in a trustless manner and ensure fulfillment for both parties which is a paradigm shift for the service industry. The multilayer architecture of the GIG9 platform ensures the security and reliability of its product and features.
The GIG9 Core Infrastructure leverages a range of solutions from in-house to cloud and a service provider data center to closely knit the multiple level of APIs, mapping services, temporary and permanent data storage needs and end users or business applications integrations.
Furthermore, the analytical, reporting and monitoring engines provide a range of data streams to feed into our AThey component for speedy but transparent and verified provisioning of any service.


Q2 2017: The Ideation
Q3 2017: Team Development
Q4 2017: ICO Preparation
Q1 2018: ICO Phase
Q2 2018: Token Launch in Exchanges
Q4 2018: Product Beta Launch
Q1 2019: Service Launch In UK
Q1 2020: Service Launch Top 20 Cities
Q2 2021: Top 50 Cities Coverage
2022: Global Cover[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Misha Malik CEO & Founder Misha Malik photo 6.8
Cedric Loyens Investor Relations Cedric Loyens photo 3.7
Denis Muraviev Internet of Things (IOT) – Consultant Denis Muraviev photo 3.7
Frederik Metz Technical & Smart Contracts Frederik Metz photo 3.7
Malik Ali Fintech Consultant Malik Ali photo 3.7
David Jaquete Crowd Funding Consultant David Jaquete photo 3.7
Ily Maisanda Regtech & Compliance Ily Maisanda photo 3.7
Sebastian Louwaege Business Strategy Sebastian Louwaege photo 3.7
John Fisher Chief Strategic Officer John Fisher photo 3.7
Jimmy Lee Blockchain Developer Jimmy Lee photo 3.7
Vitor Lourenço Marketing Strategy Vitor Lourenço photo 7.7
Mujeeb Shariq AI & Machine Learning Mujeeb Shariq photo 3.7
Qaisar Nawaz Chief Information Security Officer Qaisar Nawaz photo 3.7
Erin Pacoma Marketing & PR Erin Pacoma photo 3.7
Michal Zofaj Financial Analyst Michal Zofaj photo 3.7
Sayf Cam Linguistic Expert Sayf Cam photo 3.7
Maia Sidamonidze Advisors Maia Sidamonidze photo 3.7
Henri Kennedie Advisors Henri Kennedie photo 3.7
Robbert Walstra Legal Advisor Advisors Robbert Walstra photo 20.72
Sheikh Mohammed Irfan Blockchain Advisor Advisors Sheikh Mohammed Irfan photo 3.7

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