Gregfins is the technology that brought us the first transparent, secure, and decentralized currency through Bitcoin has opened the floodgates for incredibly innovative business solutions through Smart contracts on networks such as the Ethereum network. Through this, a large number of businesses have minted a growing group of people with significant wealth tied to cryptocurrencies. As it stands, however, the process by which cryptocurrency profits are translated into tangible gains is painfully inconvenient. Buying, transferring, and exchanging cryptocurrencies into widely accepted fiat currencies can be incredibly complicated, slow, and less than reliable. That’s what we at Gregfins are aiming to solve.

Many cryptocurrencies have experienced these usability problems and attempted to tackle this challenge by introducing prepaid plastic card. While seemingly logical at first glance, they tend to be underused in practice. In reality, few cryptocurrencies issue cards, and they in turn far outnumber the number of merchants who support their use as a means of payment. Widespread adoption by this means is a long way off. We at Gregfins are looking beyond these standard approaches. Our team is aiming to deliver an innovative user experience while simultaneously solving the cryptocurrency and fiat currency usability problem through our innovative Gregfins Ecosystem.

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