HunterCoin (HUC) is an open source cryptocurrency. About 80% of all coins are hidden in the virtual world inside the blockchain. Users can collect coins in a simple game with elements of fighting for resources against other players. This can be called production and competition, which eventually becomes more difficult.


Where to buy

HUC can only be bought on Poloniex, and is paired with only one currency – Bitcoin. As this project is successfully promoted, the number of supported trading platforms should certainly increase.


Mining of HUC is carried out on the principle of Proof-of-Work on two algorithms – SHA-256 and Scrypt. The coin HUC can be mined in parallel with other coins (the so-called Merge Mining), for example, mining Bitcoin or Litecoin, users can simultaneously produce HUC. The maximum number of coins that are available for mining is 42 million pieces. There is another feature in the mining of HUC. The current reward for a mined block (block time – 1 minute) is 10 HUC. Of these, 1 coin goes to the miner, and 9 go to the game world. The game is an alternative way to mine HunterCoin: the player collects coins on the map, and then brings them to certain areas of the map, from where they already get into the player’s wallet.

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