The first I2P convention was held in Toronto, Ontario. The conference was hosted by a local , Hacklab. The conference featured presentations from I2P developers security researchers.

mainly had presentations on the past growth of the I2P network, a talk on what happens when companies sell people’s personal information, and a round-table discussion on general privacy and security topics. The day ended with a CryptoParty which helped to introduce new users to installing I2P, sending secure emails with I2P-Bote, and using I2P along with Vuze.

had more technical discussions than the previous day. The talks focused what how to dissuade bad-actors from using the network, how I2P has worked computer connection limits, how to do application development using I2P, and on the development of the Android version. This day ended with a development meeting.


Cultural references

In Season 2 Episode 2, I2P is referenced.

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