The KAPU project aims to make immutable the human history, through the creation of the archaeological blockchain of the modern era, and also the ways to enhance it, thanks to today’s technology (multimedia, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.).

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ICO start date: 2017-09-16


Provides a more decentralized voting system than other DPoS consensus models.The KAPU DPOS based system is essential, safe and also compatible with energy saving.The blockchain is a distributed database that allows anyone to add information following presetted and approved rule.The innovative revolution and conceptual in the archaelogical sector, will be allowed thanks to the development of a universal decentralized index which will be free for University and Ministry. Such information sharing mode will ensure a concrete support to those professional user that operates in the archaelogical worldThe most important changes are happening right in the legal notary activity, a sector intended to be subject to a radical rethinking and of a substantial revision.

More information in the project whitepaper: https://www.kapu.one/WP_EN.pdf

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Project website