LeviarCoin (XLC) – DRM and software protection over blockchain DRMoB.

LeviarCoin is an open-source, secure, private and anonymous currency, based on CryptoNote technology with a DRM and software protection over blockchain (DRMoB) system.

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ICO start date: 2017-07-09


DRM over Blockchain security, in-app purchase management. LeviarCoin is an anonymous, secure and decentralised cryptocurrency based on cryptonote technology

LeviarCoin is an open-source, secure, private and anonymous currency, based on CryptoNote technology. This project aims to develop an in-app purchase system and also to create a DRMoB which is an anti-tamper technology and Digital Rights Management over Blockchain (DRMoB) scheme. to protect software integrity, and it is also designed to prevent players of online games from gaining unfair advantage through the use of third-party tools.

The idea of this project is perfect to be developed on the blockchain, And that’s because the blockchain is immutable, changing the history requires too much effort to temper with it. Everyone holds a copy of the Blockchain and no one “owns” it. and also the possibility of virtually infinite scaling and one of the most important advantages of the blockchain is the fact that the blockchain is so much cheaper to use than any other known DRM servers.


Maximum Supply: 54,000,000 XLC

P2P Port: 18001

RPC Port: 19001

DRM Layer Port: 19002

Block time: 60 seconds

Difficulty adjustment: Every block

Initial block reward: ~9 XLC

Coin emission rate (per block) S=Supply G=Already Generated Coins: (S – G) >> 22

More information in the project whitepaper: https://leviarcoin.org/assets/pdf/LeviarCoin_White_Paper_v1.pdf


The ICO has failed yet the LeviarCoin team has continued working on the project and the coin is listed in the following exchangesm

Cryptopia: Cryptopia XLC/BTC Cryptopia: Cryptopia XLC/LTC Cryptopia: Cryptopia XLC/DOGE

alcurex: Alcurex XLC/BTC

XLC price on 21 DEC 2017: $0.046698

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Project website


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