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The Lykke exchange is a semi-decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies and fiat. The company’s subsidiaries, which are licensed as financial companies, provide broker and trading services for clients. All possible asset pair types are tradable: fiat fx to fiat fx, fiat fx to crypto, and crypto to crypto. Lykke, as a company, provides liquidity, issuance services, and consulting. The commissions and fees for Lykke are essentially zero.



Lykke is an international, Swiss-based company building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. Lykke’s mission is to democratize finance by leveraging the power of the blockchain. Eliminating market barriers, Lykke will provide and promote equal access from anywhere in the world to the digitization and trade of virtually any asset of value. Encouraging participation from all users, the Lykke Exchange levels the financial playing field through direct ownership of assets and immediate settlement of trades.

Lykke coin (LKK) is a colored coin that represents a 1/100 of a share in Lykke Corp. Each registered share of Lykke Corp corresponds to 100 Lykke coins.

ICO start date: 2016-10-09

Products / Services:

LyCI is a weighted index that consolidates and tracks a selection of the worlds top performing cryptocurrencies. It provides a snapshot of the crypto market in one single, easily understandable measure.


Lykke was founded by Richard Olsen, a distinguished pioneer in high frequency finance. He has been laying the conceptual foundations for Lykke for most of his professional life. The company was established in Switzerland and received initial seed funding in 2015.

28th of January 2019: LyCI Service Token Lykke is bridging the gap between crypto assets and traditional investment products by launching the LyCI service token (ticker: LYCI). The LyCI Service token, allows customers to purchase the top 25 cryptocurrencies tracked by the LyCI Index in one click. The LyCI Index was introduced by Lykke at the end of 2018 and represents a market-cap weighted basket of the top-25 crypto assets, rebalanced minute-by- minute.

The LyCI service token (pronounced “Lucy”) enables professionals and newcomers alike to participate in the crypto revolution, while diversifying the risk that is often associated with blockchain technology. This new product is first available over the Lykke Exchange – an online global marketplace where users can exchange cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies on a secure platform with 0% trading fees. The LyCI service token is the first of a series of planned products from Lykke that will provide a simple path to the cryptomarket for anyone who is seeking an alternative amidst growing concerns over shifts in the traditional economy. Richard Olsen, CEO of Lykke and previously co-founder of Oanda said “With the collapse of cryptos in 2018, investors are sitting on losses. They own BTC, ETH, EOS or AltCoins and have to decide if they should just stick with their holdings or switch to another crypto with a better outlook. Buying another crypto is risky, because their timing may be wrong. Instead it is more efficient to switch to the Lykke Crypto Index (LyCI), a crypto ERC20 token in its own right. LyCI is rebalanced every minute and profits from the narrow spreads of the zero fee Lykke Exchange. Crypto investors no longer have to HODL; they can swap their holdings into an index that tracks the winners. The LyCI service token is the first token of its kind and makes it easy for investors to pick these winners, diversify risk and simplify the management of a broad universe of cryptos”.


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Lykke is creating a single global marketplace, where any sort of financial instrument can be traded and settled peer to peer with second-by-second interest payments. The marketplace utilizes blockchain pioneered by Bitcoin to offer immediate settlement and direct ownership. The medium of exchange is the colored coin.

More information in the project whitepaper:

Team of the project

Richard Olsen, Founder, CEO

Richard is a pioneer in high frequency finance with extensive entrepreneurial experience and well known for his academic work. He was a co-founder of OANDA, a currency information company and market maker in foreign exchange.

Reta Hall-Hierholzer. Chief of Staff Reta is experienced international finance, decision support, and strategy professional with more than 20 years experience.

Sergey Ivliev, Products & Operations

Executed and supervised 100+ large scale system implementation projects with total revenue exceeding 40 Mio. Regional Director at PRMIA Russia and associate professor at Perm State University.

Michael Nikulin, Technology

Michael is architect, designer and developer with 10 year experience in creating market solutions for financial institutions, including Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Detection and Financial Markets Compliance solutions. Combines deep knowledge of financial architecture with Blockchain settlement mechanisms.

Andrey Migin, Software Development

Andrey is exceptional team leader with 8 year professional experience of FX marketplace systems development.

Marina de Mattos, Customer Success and Marketing

Marina brings over a decade of experience handling customer success in the financial services industry.

Alfonso Rodriguez, Chief Product Officer

Alfonso is an expert in large scale digital consumer platforms and corporate turnarounds.

Cameron Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer

Cameron is a seasoned professional with a strong engineering background and extensive experience working in the financial sector across Europe, leading agile transformation in international environments.

Sebastian Gerigk, Chief Innovation Officer

Sebastian has vast experience in quantitative finance and financial product development.


LKK market cap on 5 JAN 2018: $56,121,096

LKK price on 5 JAN 2018: $0,211616

Lykke coin (LKK) Price

The live Lykke coin price is available on COIN360.

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