Bitcoin mixer is online resources that help to make anonymous transactions on the Bitcoin network.

What types of mixers are there?—- There are several types of blending: Centralized and peering

How is the mixing process?— As rules, bitcoin mixers use centralized technology: customer funds are broken up into small parts, then they are mixed in random order with parts of other customers. At the end of all operations, the recipient receives the required number of bitcoins, but in small batches from different random participants.

At the moment there are many different services providing the possibility of mixing bitcoins We can distinguish several such services.


What are they needed for?— Many think that this service is necessary only for non-clean citizens. But this is not quite so I think that each of you would not want your accounts, transfers, etc. to be made publicly available to everyone. Thanks to the blockchain technology, everything has become publicly. Therefore, these services have become a necessary resource for everyone.

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