Modum (MOD) logo combines IoT sensors with blockchain technology, providing data integrity for transactions involving physical products. offers a passive monitoring solution to streamline the supply chain processes in many sectors.



What Is Modum? Explained In 5 Minutes – Blockchain Meets Big Pharma!

MOD was conceived of by several members of their board of directors and advisory board in 2016. Thanks to a partnership with the Communication Systems Group at the University of Zurich, a small team of engineers was assembled to compete in the 2016 Kickstart Accelerator. After winning the Future Emerging Technology Vertical, the company was formed as an AG in Switzerland and began conducting pilot projects in Europe all the way to the Middle East. The modum team has grown from 5 to 15 in the 2017 calendar year. Their token sale, held in September 2017, saw 17 366 200 sold to the public.

Technical features

The modum system is designed with a clear design focus on automation and security. It consists of multiple hardware and software components. • A pharma-qualified temperature logger, which monitors temperature during transport. It communicates wirelessly to a mobile application via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or NFC (Near Field Communication). • A desktop dashboard enables the preparation (e.g. setting alarm criteria) and tracking of shipments, data visualization and analytics, and can be used to perform statistical calculations on historical data, e.g. shipment comparison, with export functionality. • The mobile application can be used to pair the temperature loggers with the respective shipments, initialize shipments and visualize the recorded data. • The back end is for data retrieval, evaluation, verification and storage. It also runs an ethereum full node executing the respective smart contract code. The front end (dashboard, temperature logger and mobile application) communicates with back-end’s HTTPS server via RestAPI/JSON.

The modum temperature logger has been developed with an operating temperature range of -10 C to 70 C, with measurement intervals between 1 second to 1 week. The sensor will have the capacity to store 50,000 measurements with a 6 week active/ 1 year passive battery life.

Team of the project

Simon Dössegger – CEO

Simon holds a Master’s in Robotics Engineering. He led Skybotix as CEO for 2.5 years and has held a senior product and technology management role at GoPro.

Dr. Stefan M. Weber – COO

Stefan holds a PhD in experimental physics and has a wealth of experience in product and supply chain management, R&D, sensors, and IoT.

Sacha Uhlmann – CTO

Sacha has founded a software agency and worked for leading financial service providers. He contributes deep technological know-how and project management skills.

Michael Taylor – Director of Marketing and Communications

Michael has a background in strategy with a bachelor degree in business and a graduate degree in architecture. He leads marketing, communication, and design.

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Interesting facts

The regulations outlined by the European Commission for the Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use (GDP 2013/C 343/01) were published on November 5, 2013. Chapter nine of this regulation requires proof that shipped medicines have not been exposed to conditions, particularly temperatures, that may compromise their quality. These regulations are now enforceable across Europe. offers a passive monitoring solution, ensuring GDP compliance and auditability by using blockchain and IoT technology. modum’s tested solution offers a significant cost savings over the active-cooling methods currently used. modum’s solution has the potential to save the industry 3 billion USD annually.

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