Nimses is a new social network with the ability to upload photos.



The main feature of Nimses are the NIM tokens. They are the internal currency in Nimses, which begins to be charged immediately after registration. Every minute users get one of them. During the day users get 1440 NIMs, and in a month – 43830 NIMs.

NIM tokens

In addition to the constant accumulation of NIMs every minute, there are several ways to earn them:

  • To publish a photo;
  • To invite friends;
  • To receive from friends.

In Nimses NIMs are used instead of likes. Users get them for publishing photos. In the feed there are photos at a distance of 2 km from the user. If they publish some photos, they will also be seen at a distance of 2 km from the place of publication. Tape photos are called “Sidewalk”.

In order to post a photo users need to pay 100 NIMs. At the last stage of publication users can choose how much they will be paid, that is, how much will one like cost. They can choose 10, 20 or 50 NIMs for like. Thus, if users put the price of 50 NIMs and their photo is liked by 2 people, they will get 100 NIMs on their account.

In the main menu users can change the distance from themselves to find their friends and interesting people, to visit their profiles and see their photos.


Nimses created the environment for inviting friends and acquaintances. To do this during registration, they must enter a personal code. Users can find their code in their profile by clicking “Get more”. When someone registers with ones code, he will receive 1440 coins, which are equal to one day. For the invited person users will receive 4320 NIMs.


In Nimses users can add their friends to “close”, thereby assigning the number of coins that they will automatically give them every day, the minimum is 1 coin every day. To add a person to the “close”, users need to click on the circle with a plus in the profile and to choose the number of NIMs. Also, when users add a person to their family, they will always see his posts in their feed, even if they were made more than 2 km away from them.

In addition, users can instantly transfer any number of NIMs to any user by selecting the number in the profile and clicking send.


There is a store where users can spend earned NIMS to buy something, for example a cup of coffee or a cake.

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