PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and event tracking platform. PARSIQ’s main focus is to implement forensics and monitoring tools not only as a B2B solution, but offer it B2C so that everyone can study different cases, make their own decisions and take necessary actions.



PARSIQ solves the problem of insufficient monitoring and analytics tools availability in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The reorganization of asset and financial infrastructures that have taken place during the shift from centralized structures to trust-free decentralized architectures has made information about assets and transactions harder to detect. This is partly because of the pseudo-anonymity of most blockchains, but mostly due to the lack of tool support. PARSIQ addresses this lack of tool support by providing a comprehensive and modular blockchain analytics platform that is open to everyone.

The PARSIQ platform constitutes a distributed solution for reverse-engineering of other blockchains. While being up to date with current implementations of major blockchains (mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum, and their forks), PARSIQ listens to all the activity in corresponding blockchains and builds a fully indexed representation of what happens in a particular blockchain. This process generates much more data than can be found in any single blockchain. To manage such a massive amount of data, PARSIQ introduces separate distributed data management layers using blockchain-specific feature extraction.

Use Cases

  1. Consumers use PARSIQ for monitoring their cryptocurrency wallets and keeping track of their on-chain assets to provide themselves with an additional layer of security.
  2. Businesses benefit from additional monitoring of enterprise assets such as multi-signature wallets or track the interactions with certain business-related smart contracts. The transaction history of a business’s clients may also be used for customer profiling.
  3. Traders predict market movements based on statistical analysis of a market’s history. They can also use real-time tracking to detect movements that may indicate certain market activity. Payments made in relation to the illicit activity.
  4. Law enforcement agencies use forensic analytics modules to investigate blockchain related cybersecurity incidents or track payments made in relation to the illicit activity.
  5. Blockchain researchers from a variety of fields use PARSIQ to gain insights into blockchain usage relevant for their particular purposes. For example, a computer scientist interested in blockchain scaling may draw conclusions from typical transaction processing patterns to design better blockchain protocols. A social scientist may be more interested in the nature of human interactions across the blockchain.

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