A short list of active contributors to Bitcoin, ordered by first name.

(Profile) – original developer of Bitcoin Wallet for Android (Google Code Project).

Amir Taaki (Wikipedia) aka genjix- creator of the BIP process, Libbitcoin C++ developer toolkit, Obelisk blockchain server (later BS), SX bitcoin command line tool (later BX), Darkwallet, Darkmarket (later OpenBazaar), Darkleaks, Freecoin and well as inactive/defunct projects such as the Britcoin exchange, Intersango exchange, Spesmilo RPC client, Bitcoin Consultancy, Bitcoin Media Blog (author), Vibanko web wallet provider, GLBSE exchange client, Kartludox Bitcoin poker client, Pastecoin and Python bindings for Bitcoin.

Art Forz– developed the first GPU miner and at one time his GPU mining farm (the ArtFarm) was mining over a third of all blocks.

– developed the first blockchain club (ZQ club)in .

(Profile ) – Contributor to the ( and ( projects. Working on various Bitcoin based businesses.

– developed the first blockchain club (ZQ club)in .

– (Profile ) Former Satoshi client maintainer. He previously worked at Silicon Graphics and now runs his own company.

Hal Finney– one of the creators of PGP and one of the earliest contributors to the Bitcoin project. First to identify a type of double-spending attack that now bears his name — the Finney attack.

James McCarthy aka Nefario- creator of the first bitcoin stock exchange GLBSE

Jed McCaleb, cofounder of and original developer of Mt. Gox. Previously created eDonkey2000.

Jeff GarzikSatoshi client core developer, GPU poold software and the founder of Bitcoin Watch. Works for BitPay.

Luke Dashjr aka Luke-Jr- Eligius founder, maintains BFGMiner and maintainer of bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt stable branches.

Mark Karpeles (Wikipedia) aka MagicalTux- Former owner of Mt.Gox and this wiki.

Martti Malmi aka Sirius- Former Bitcoin developer. Operates the domain names and

aka BlueMatt- Satoshi client and Bitcoinj developer.

aka mndrix- creator of the now defunct CoinPal and CoinCard services

Mike Hearn (Profile) Google engineer who works on Gmail and developed ( and .

aka tcatm – Bitcoin developer, owner of BitcoinWatch, creator and owner of BitcoinCharts, GPU mining software and JS web interface.

Patrick McFarland aka Diablo-D3 – DiabloMiner author, and former BitcoinTalk forum moderator.

Patrick Strateman aka phantomcircuit – Bitcoin developer, creator of Intersango, member of Bitcoin Consultancy and creator of Python Bitcoin implementation.

Peter Todd – Bitcoin developer. Involved with Bitcoin related startup Coinkite and DarkWallet.

aka sipa- Satoshi client developer and maintainer of the network graphs

aka justmoon- creator of the (We Use Coins) site/video and WebCoin.

aka grau – author of Bits of Proof, the enterprise-ready implementation of the Bitcoin protocol.

– Host of the (Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast) where the top people in Bitcoin are interviewed

– (Profile), runs Marchenko Ltd which sells mining contracts, previously developed the search engine.

– developed the first blockchain club (ZQ club)in .

Wladimir J. van der LaanSatoshi client maintainer.

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