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Realista ICO
Ticker: RET
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 0.03 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 605,000,000 RET
Tokentype: NEP5
Hardcap: 150,000 NEO
Softcap: 15,000 NEO
Platform: NEO
Distributed: 62%
Minimum: 1 NEO
Accepting: NEO

Realista is the first global real estate platform already available on iOS, Android and Web with over 40,000 registered agents.

With Realista, sellers can showcase their properties for free, agents can list property on the go, and buyers and renters have access to more property than ever before.

Realista is deploying Realista tokens (RET) on the NEO blockchain as a mechanism to incentivise property content creation and solving the ‘slow start’ problem: fast-tracking the client side (buyers, renters and sellers) adoption and the agent side utilisation of the platform. RET will be integrated with Realista and agents will receive RET as a reward for referring a new agent. RET can be utilized as payment for their subscription and this will help stimulate a network effect with no barriers to entry on a global scale.



The real estate industry is currently dominated by property websites established decades ago. These websites rely on outdated systems and charge sellers and agents excessive amounts of money to list property of any kind.
Realista’s concept was brought to fruition as a result of property websites such as,, Rightmove. and creating virtual monopolies within their local markets. Whilst they continue to dominate and generate billions of dollars per year, it is the property sellers and real estate agents that have been hit with advertising fees that continue to escalate.
Realista is the first global real estate platform, built to change the way property is found and empower everyone within the industry. With Realista, sellers can showcase their properties for free, agents can list property on the go, and buyers and renters will have access to more property than ever before.
Realista will deploy RealistaTokens (RET) as a mechanism to incentivise property content creation and solving the ‘slow start’ problem: fast-tracking the client side adoption (buyers, renters and sellers) and the agent side utilization of the platform. They believe that the introduction of the tokens in our ecosystem will benefit all the parties involved (sellers, buyers, renters and agents) and increase the efficiency and delivery of property listings to any market around the world. Sellers do not have a to pay any fees and agents can earn RET as a reward for referring other agents to Realista. In turn, this brings new agents to the platform and increases property content creation. This will reduce the barriers that other websites have (for example, CRMs), disrupt centralization of data feeds (for example, REAXML and MLS) and increase the availability of real estate content on our platform on a global scale.
At Realista, we are committed to becoming the first global platform for real estate, by providing efficiency and simplifying the selling, buying and renting process every step of the way. The platform connects users like never before, reduces unnecessary costs, and ensures increased access to property— all within the one place.


January 2016: Realista R&D Commenced
June 2017: Realista Beta Australia
July 2017: Realista Official Launch Australia
Realista Token (RET) Founded
August 2017: 1000 Registered Agents Milestone
September 2017: Realista Beta New Zealand
October 2017: Realista Official Launch New Zealand
April 2018: Realista Beta USA
June 2018: Realista Beta UK
August 2018: Realista Beta Singapore
2019 – 2020: Explore Potential Markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America
Quarter 1, 2018: Deployment of Realista 2.0
Quarter 2, 2018: Chat System for seamless communication between agents and buyers and renters
Virality features including automatic posting of properties to social media by agents
Property summaries including list of indoor and outdoor features
Quarter 3, 2018: Development and integration of AI in the chat system for streamlining property inquiries
Development of RealistaToken (RET) Wallet. Enabling users to easily receive, deposit and transfer their RET
Quarter 4, 2018: Integration of RET with the platform to incentivise agent adoption and property content creation
Integration of RET with agent subscription payment gateway[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Adnan Javed Blockchain Advisor Advisors Adnan Javed photo 32.29
Juan Otero Blockchain & Marketing Advisor Advisors Juan Otero photo 21.6
Anders Larsson Trusted Advisor Advisors 121.82
Joakim Holmer Trusted Advisor Advisors Joakim Holmer photo 114.32
Paul Scott Blockchain Advisor Advisors Paul Scott photo 27.4
Alex McIntyre CEO & Founder Team Alex McIntyre photo 3.9
Duncan Mclntyre CMO & Co-Founder Team Duncan Mclntyre photo 3.9
Nagib Bousaad Head of Product Development Team Nagib Bousaad photo 3.9
Dustin Wen Head of Design Team Dustin Wen photo 3.9
Laura Donaldson PR Manager Team Laura Donaldson photo 3.9
Bella Hohaus Business Development Manager Team Bella Hohaus photo 3.9
Andy Nguyen Blockchain Developer Team Andy Nguyen photo 6.6
Richard Tran Senior Blockchain Engineer Team Richard Tran photo 4.9
Teddy Nguyen Head of Smart Contract Development Team Teddy Nguyen photo 3.9

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