SilentNotary is a blockchain service based on the technology of confirming the existence of events or documents. Under the events means any event that the user can fix – correspondence in the messenger, an event captured in a photo or video, an e-mail. SilentNotary turns the event into a legally significant fact excluding the possibility of falsification.

ICO start date: 2017-08-21



Founded by Max Breus and Aleksey Petrov in 2013, SilentNotary is the worlds first digital notary. Using Ethereum blockchain technology that saves and certifies documents, emails, chats, audio and video recordings while securing authenticity.

SilentNotary engineers have developed a patented process Lightstamp that stamps stores and verifies the precise timing of events using a mobile device.


This is a decentralized system, which makes it possible to establish the existence of an electronic document at a certain time. This is an analogue of the notarial protocol of the examination of the electronic document. The main task of the system is to provide proof of the existence of the document in court: attributable, admissible, reliable and verifiable.


SilentNotary’s Ethereum based business model is designed for mobile users.

Chat-bots include all major formats and can be used to record any written conversation.

With Email-bot users can send a copy of their correspondence to the SilentNotary email address ([email protected]). Emails will automatically be certified and stored in the Notary Vault.

Chat-bot for Telegram features comprehensive functionality. Users gain access to all functions, including registering all communications and verifications.

Chat-bot for Facebook is the first to use all options provided by Facebook. It understands how to assure and preserve all the correspondence and attached files. The product is developed to be functional in a multi-chat mode as well.

Chat-bot WeChat captures 30% of all mobile users in China and SilentNotary is accessible on this platform as well.

These features provide a permanent unalterable record for licensing agreements, copyrights, verbal and chat agreements. For the first time every verbal or written discussion leading up to a legally binding event can be captured, time stamped and stored.

Global Markets

Company founders intend to use first mover advantage to build an ecosystem of services.

Everywhere where trust and verification is required, there is a customer. This includes Business to Business markets like Insurance, Artists, Contractors and Blockchain Land Registrations for governments and cities. In the Business to Consumer market we address 2.32 Billion Smart Phone users. Everything is streamlined through the use of mobile apps and chatbots.

Measuring Traction

In the Business to Government market, SilentNotary recently sign two agreements with the Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow. With these agreements, SilentNotary technology will be used in a state land inspection to certify land-use development and in control over burial cites. This is just one of many opportunities of this type.

Peer Presentations

SilentNotary’s expertise and knowledge are being recognized daily by the technology community. On November 20, Company founders Max Breus and Aleksey Petrov spoke before the prestigious Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO) to enlighten its members on SilentNotary’s technology and mission.

The occasion was the VI International Cultural Forum held in Saint Petersburg attended by delegates from China, Germany, Russia, India and Greece.

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