STABLE is a project aiming to reduce the inefficiencies existing in cryptocurrency markets and stabilize them, thus driving their wider acceptance (via arbitraging them).

ICO end date date: 2017-10-01



Cryptocurrencies prices differ substantially in different exchanges, markets and geographies. This creates a risk overpaying when purchasing cryptocurrency or obtaining to low price at its disposal. It also creates additional volatility , as the effect of falling price in international markets is coupled with a disappearing price premium in a local market.

Team expects to deliver the annual volatility (variability) of project’s net assets and therefore STB token price that is much lower (on average about 10 times lower) than that of other major digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, etc.

There are couple of types of inefficiencies manifesting themselves in cryptocurrency markets that STABLE project will attempt to close, such as: inter-exchange inefficiencies (premium/discount of the same token at various exchanges), temporal inefficiencies (various borrow/lending rates on different exchanges), liquidity based inefficiencies, excess volatility, etc.

Assets inside of a Stable token will not be a passively held, Stable team are not cryptocurrency-pickers. All of the trades will be executed based on the size of inefficiencies to be found. Team want to liquidate as much inefficiencies as it possible on crypto markets for the whole crypto cummunity. If the goal is achieved by the project team, holders of the STABLE token will enjoy all the benefits of digital tokens such as speed of transacting, global transferability and anonymity, coupled with much lower volatility of prices across time.

All of the details are available on the web page:

Business model

It is based on the project’s Whitepaper there is no “further development fund” or any other form of simillar fund. All (100%) of the ETH raised was exchanged to STB token and send back to the crowdfunders. All of the people in STABLE team received nothing just after the ICO. That way all of the money raised are being used in order to stabilize/arbitraging inefficiencies on crypto markets for crowdfunders.

STABLE team makes money only by charging about 2,5% of the asset base on annual basis and 20% of the profits made.


STABLE project team has got experience in Hedge Fund, Asset Management, Banking and Algorithmic Trading field:


The goal of the project’s team is to stabilize the cryptocurrency markets and, at the same time, ensure a relative stability of the STABLE cryptocurrency (symbol: STB) value over time.

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