Tecra sp. z o.o.-company operating in the blockchain ecosystem created in 2018. investing in modern technologies. The Tecra team has created an online platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high-end patent-protected technologies. Through the use of blockchain technology, Tecra guarantees the transparency of investments based on TecraCoin’s proprietary cryptocurrency. In 2019, the project received EU public funding of $5.6 million for the development of a new version of the distributed blockchain register and a decentralized DEX exchange. Public financing of the company’s projects will continue until 2023.


Project Summary

The Tecra company cooperates and employs several scientists. They are working on the creation of stocenized inventions such as graphene light bulbs. Currently the company has created several prototypes and is in the process of developing the first MVP product to enter the market. The first graphene light bulb is already lit at the Tecra headquarters. The company aims to create a production line of light bulbs with a wide range of products including: home and office lighting, military lighting systems, specialized lamps (surgical, laboratory), mobile lighting systems for emergency services and many others.

The company deals with blockchain technology and its main projects are: cryptovalued TecraCoin (TCR), the global investment platform Tecra Space, the decentralized digital asset exchange Tecra DEX

Our idea unites three groups of clients:

  • Scientists
  • Investors
  • Community

The Tecra team participates in spreading the idea of Blockchain and connects interested groups into one promising ivesting platform.

Imagine a place where every enlightened patent-based thought can be implemented and made available to consumers. A place where scientists hidden in their scientific labs or garages can openly present their ideas and the community built around the Tecra project will vote on which technologies should be financed. Technologies that can actually change the world.

Tecra is an idea that will connect an intellectual flower with an affluent and well thought-out investment process. Although, we start with Graphene, our leading idea is to create the incubator of geniuses who will say in many years: Thank you Tecra. Indeed, it was science, not fiction.


TecraCoin– cryptocurrency TCR is a modified crypto fork Bitcoin. It offers faster cryptocurrency transfers with low transaction fees. Its functionality is, for example, investing in hi-tech projects on the Tecra Space platform where it is the main settlement currency. In the future, Tecra also assumes paying TCR for charging electric cars and many more. Currently, the TecraCoin network secures over 500 active Masternodes and a group of miners.

Tecra Space– internet platform that allows investing in new, innovative products and new technologies with high commercialization potential. On Tecra Space are placed projects such as: graphene light bulb, stocked photovoltaic farm and many others. The platform is based on blockchain technologies, which guarantees a safe and transparent process of investing in projects that are verified for their effectiveness and potential by the Tecra community and internal experts. The platform is designed to simplify the process of obtaining funding and investing in high-tech projects. Tecra Space solutions with its own cryptovalute allow easy access to the investment and guarantee safe and transparent exit from it. The platform allows the inventors to create their own project Token, which will then be offered to investors on Tecra Space. Tokens are a digital record of the investment. Investors can profit from them in the future or sell them at a higher price on the decentralized Tecra DEX platform.

TecraDEX– decentralized digital asset exchange which Tecra will launch in 2022 in accordance with the EU funding project.

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