TheCryptoUpdates is a novel crypto publication built around the concept of capturing the absolute crypto events, details and happenstances with utmost precision and intricacy. With an assemblage of authentic sources and a promise for originality, the channel strives to rise above the challenges of falsity to deliver what is forthright and concrete.

On its facile and comprehensive interface, ‘The Crypto Updates’ specifies a segregated portrayal of news pertaining to diverse brackets of information including news, price analyses, crypto scams and more. Alongside, it also presents its readers with an opportunity to submit their own press release to be flagged on its platform.

Features and Components

TCU is a host of 7 descriptive categories of information and crypto awareness, listed as,

News: A range of carefully scrutinized facts and figures concerning the impactful happenings in the crypto industry are laid out before the readers. With further sub categorization into Blockchain news, Crypto news, Ethereum news, Altcoin news, and Bitcoin news, the platform is self-explanatory of what to find and where.

Price Index: A price index of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and more is presented before the investors. This price index is an excellent source of enhancing the understanding of the market conditions.

Price Analysis: A daily price analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other trending altcoins is rendered to crypto investors. It attends to enhancing one’s understanding of the market fluctuations and aid them in gauging their investment opportunities against various cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Scams: The section throws light on fraudulent operations thriving and being uncovered in the industry over time. Know about the scams and Ponzi schemes divesting millions and billions of dollars worth crypto assets every day.

ICO Reviews: For those contemplating investments in upcoming ICOs but fear being thrown astray by the whirlwind of the same, ‘The Crypto Updates’ deliberately defines the pros and cons of each ICO with its unbiased reviews.

Regulations: Cryptocurrency is one of the most debated topics among governments and lawmakers across the globe. ‘The Crypto Updates’ regulations section familiarises one with every new law that is passed in nations for and against crypto trading alike.

Press Release: Learn about the various events, conferences, openings and crypto incentives being announced and making the rounds. With ‘The Crypto Updates’, you are sure not to miss one.

Infographics: The infographics category is devised solely to improve user awareness and information regarding the various components of the crypto universe. The platform values the fact that an aware dweller is an asset to the community he dwells in.

TheCryptoUpdates employs an intelligible layman language that sinks well into every level of crypto masses. A firm believer in the potential of Blockchain technology and the future it can create, the platform is an endeavor at engraving the legit remains of today into the traces of a progressive tomorrow.

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