TradeSanta is a cloud software platform that automates crypto trading. It allows both experienced traders and newbies to execute well-known trading strategies. Crypto bot follows market fluctuations and places orders according to the chosen strategy 24/7.

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Crypto trading bots by TradeSanta

Crypto trading bot by TradeSanta – automated trading cryptocurrency

TradeSanta is a cloud-based crypto-trading platform that allows to create and manage bots according to the user’s strategy[1]. TradeSanta focuses on simple user interface and automating well-known strategies. It takes only a few minutes to set up a cryptocurrency bot. It offers users a Wizard to help out in setting up their first bot. To ease the setup process, users may choose from one of pre-set templates to set up a bot.

Supported Exchanges

TradeSanta currently supports 4 major exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and HitBTC. TradeSanta plans to connect to 3 more exchanges: Bitmex, Okex and Huobi. The crypto platform connects to exchanges via APi keys.

Crypto trading bots strategies

TradeSanta offers currently one strategy. The service is currently testing another strategy and has in development a feature that will allow to sell large sums of coins without affecting the market.

The strategy available on TradeSanta can be compared to Dollar-Cost-Averaging strategy. Bot buys a specified amount of coins to sell them later at higher price for long strategy or sells certain amount of coins to buy them back at lower price for short strategy. Crypto trading bot places several Extra Orders in between buy and sell orders in case the cryptocurrency market goes in opposite to your bot direction. In case of long strategy, extra orders are placed to buy more coins at lower price. Thus, bot decreases Take Profit price whereas keeping Take Profit level unchanged. Extra orders for the Short strategy, on the contrary sell more coins and Take Profit price level increases.


To set up a bot, a user first needs to connect one of the supported exchanges via API and then fill in the bot settings in pre-set templates or custom crypto trading bot. Users also choose how to enter the market and pay exchange fee.

Crypto Indicators and Filters

TradeSanta crypto bot has several indicators and filters. Day filter determines whether the previous day was bullish or bearish. With Day filter on, long bots will start a deal only if the previous days closed in green and vice versa for short bots. With volume filter on the bot will start a deal only for the pairs with sufficient volume over the past 24 hours. With Bollinger signal bots only start a deal when the cryptocurrency price hits upper Bollinger band for long bots and lower band for short strategy. Bollinger signal is calculated with (20, 2) parameters on 5-minute timeframe.

Cryptocurrency Bots’ Fees

TradeSanta doesn’t charge any fees for trading. The service is currently free. A subscription fee on a monthly basis will be introduced throughout 2019.


TradeSanta connects to exchanges via API. TradeSanta only needs permissions to place orders and read balance. It doesn’t require any other permissions and it has no right for funds withdrawal. So, user accounts are safe even in unlikely case of data breach. TradeSanta conducted security audit via third party and it complies with security standards. TradeSanta user have an option to protect their account with 2FA authorization.

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