An open-source blockchain ecosystem

UWIM (UWM) is an open-source blockchain ecosystem aimed at running smart-contract applications and simplifying token issuing with a no-code contract constructor. UWIM is built on its own blockchain whilst remaining compatible with other common networks like ETH, BSC, and others via bridges.



UWIM was initially introduced to redefine the accessibility of crypto by introducing cutting-edge solutions for clear use cases. This approach is reflected in the token standards available for instant token issuance on the platform.

UWIM offers a turn-key solution for those looking to introduce their token without any technical resources to develop, deploy and conduct a contract audit. The project’s ultimate goal is to expand the scope of applications for crypto assets by enabling a broader audience to use blockchain technology for their needs.


The UWIM project was created in late 2019 and has been developed by the same core team since. The MVP and UWIM v0.0.1 testnet launch are dated back to Q4 2019, alongside the Seed stage funding round.

Throughout 2020, the UWIM team was developing the components of the product and deploying them into the ecosystem. UWIM v1.0.0 stable release opened the route for other essential product components, including the token constructor release, updated web and mobile wallets, UWIM DEX, and more.

Smart Tokens and Standards

UWIM “Smart Tokens” serve to cover the broadest range of user demands. The token constructor allows anyone to create their own asset regardless of their skills, knowledge of the blockchain, and other technical requirements. The token of choice could be based on a ready-to-go smart contract or customized with the presets that suit customer needs. The update implementation option is still available once the smart token is launched, so the owner can update the smart contract as its project evolves.

UWIM supports five smart token types (My, Business, Startup, Donate, and Trade), with several more to be released shortly. In the long run, the UWIM team plans to significantly expand the list of available Smart Tokens by continuously enabling the new contract types, including those created by their community.


UWIM is a sovereign blockchain, its ecosystem consists of the following products and services:

  • Wallet
  • Explorer
  • Token constructor
  • Launchpad
  • Decentralized exchange
  • Education portal
  • NFT marketplace
  • DAO
  • UWIM fund


The team behind the UWIM project has successfully delivered on their 2021 roadmap, while setting even more ambitious goals for 2022. Apart from continued development on the tech and the ecosystem, UWIM has announced their IDO arranged for mid-Q1 2022.

A detailed overview of the upcoming highlights is presented in the 2022 UWIM Roadmap.

Roadmap 2022


UWIM is set to complete the pre-sale stage of their IDO in Q1 2022. According to the team’s plans, the IDO will occur in March 2022, with launchpads to be announced.

UWM, the native token of the UWIM ecosystem, is now going through its private sale stage with several types of allocations available. The early investors are free to choose between the allocations with a 12-months lock period or those enabling the funds straight on the IDO date.

The more detailed pre-IDO offers are available on the UWIM website.

The project has attracted several prominent VCs as investors, with Unirock Partners, Z-Union, and others among the list.


UWIM is an Australian-based project with a worldwide network of partners and advisers. Building on the experience of tier-1 industry experts like Pavel Entin (CEO, GBC.AI), Dima Fedotov (COO, BC Vault), and other closely connected C-level advisers. The project’s team was also supported by Skolkovo Innovation Centre.