X Infinity (XIF) is a Singapore-based fintech company developing a unified cryptocurrency wallet that allows consumers and merchants the ability to transact as easily using any blockchain asset as a currency. X Infinity plans to use Cross-chain Payment Channels and the Blockchain Routing Protocol to allow users to use their blockchain assets in real-time in the real world.

X Infinity plans to have a technology solution that is frictionless for consumers to adopt and for merchants to implement. It leverages the power of the smartphone and blockchain to deliver a compelling, secure and scalable consumer experience. The X Infinity App is available for Android and iOS.



With the growing emergence of different cryptocurrency assets, a growing number of users and businesses struggle to use existing infrastructures to interconnect physical and virtual platforms. A number of issues are slowing mass adoption:

  1. Increase in the number of cryptocurrencies makes it harder for merchants to accept a broad range effectively.
  2. Volatility of cryptocurrency prices make it harder for merchants to adopt them.
  3. No major market for some cryptocurrencies making transacting difficult.
  4. No single wallet for all cryptocurrencies, so some are not easily usable.

X Infinity want to offer the user access to as large as possible a range of blockchain assets at a maximum degree of convenience, while adhering to the highest security standards in the ecosystem. The company’s philosophy toward cryptocurrencies has two guiding principles:

  • People will want to be able to use any blockchain asset anywhere.
  • Merchants will want to be able to accept any blockchain asset.

Token Economy

To facilitate content creators and consumers on the X Infinity blockchain, as well as incentivize other ecosystem stakeholders, X Infinity is planning a blockchain solution powered by the XIF token. X Infinity will be issuing 600 million XIF in a Token Generation Event.

Unified Cryptocurrency Wallet Transactions

X Infinity can aggregate a user’s blockchain assets through a single wallet. This provide customers with the ability to link their assets to a payment card (debit card – physical, or phone app – virtual). This ensures that X Infinity is the first choice wallet for users.

The phone is used as a controller. Offering complete flexibility, the app dashboard controls which bank card is active and when, rules for spending etc.

X Infinity Built-in Internal Crypto-exchange Network


Legal Framework: As one of the thought leader in all cross border e-commerce and digital transactions globally, the team has years of experience in fund transfer, data jurisdiction and legal frameworks

Time and Experience: The team has several bitcoin systems deployed currently being used by millions. Over the past five years, these systems have proven to be robust, reliable and secure.


X Infinity’s decentralized high performing system is able to manage hundreds of thousands of transactions per hour. This capability is horizontally scale-able by adding more nodes to the network pool.

The following are the three features of our security for our exchange:

  • Consistency with volume
  • Market Depth
  • Supply and Demand


Adhere to accessibility guidelines and compatible with all modern web browsers. This system will adopt the highest industry security designs and methodologies as well as adhering to the host country privacy policy.

The solution will be hosted on Amazon Web Service, on the best enterprise infrastructure. The three security features of the exchange are: Asset Protection, Privacy protection, and Transaction protection.

The system is designed to operate within its own network with encrypted communications. The encryption used in the blockchain is a one-Way hash of SHA-256. The nature of the system also employs a distributed database, storing data across its network, preventing tempering and double spending.

X Infinity Debit Card

The X Infinity Debit Card is a standard-issued card. It is a universally accepted payment instrument, acting as a proxy to the “X Infinity wallet” where consumers can securely store all their blockchain assets. This “virtual wallet” is controlled by the consumer using a mobile app. The consumer can set the X Infinity debit card to behave as any card they choose and set rules so the card can work without the phone. The experience to the user is straight-forward and simple, and provides increased utility and security.

The card holds no data as it is ‘virtual gateway’ to the X Infinity wallet. The wallet manages the accounts and identity credentials. The App controls which cryptocurrency asset is active when the X Infinity Debit Card is presented to the merchant. The consumer can set rules within the App to dictate spending limits, which cards are used for certain retailers or product types, deactivation periods and much more.

Merchant Apps

Traditional merchants with point-of-sale (POS) need access to affordable AI and Business Intelligence, to improve and streamline their business operations and profitability. Merchants can utilize their standard-issue POS equipment when users utilize the X Infinity Debit Card.

Merchants can also access the X Infinity App which provides a number of business intelligence and marketing tools such as: automatic discount when a certain cryptocurrency is used; preference towards a certain cryptocurrency; ability to offer reward points; and insights into the user’s preferences. As merchants save money on transaction and interchange fees, they are able to utilize these elsewhere using the tools above.

X Infinity’s highly customizable and flexible control and alert functionality is proven to drive increased customer satisfaction and retention while helping to ‘future-proof’ payments solution. As well as retaining existing consumers, issuers can meet new market expectations to attract new customers.

Transaction Management

Payment flow

Transactions are anticipated to occur in the following way:

  1. User pays at the merchant using his virtual or physical XIF Card
  2. The card network will send an authorization request to our servers for the purchase amount
  3. XIF will send an invoice through the XIF blockchain network to the user
  4. The user will then choose which blockchain asset to use for the payment and send the correct amount to XIF through the XIF blockchain network
  5. Upon receiving the corresponding amount for the invoice, XIF will authorize the payment to the merchant

Transactions and Record-keeping flow

X Infinity maintains a complete transaction ledger for all transactions performed on the blockchain. Infinity tracks all funds from original input into the system, through to settlement back to the merchant in their local currency or through their cryptocurrencies. This results in complete auditability of the X Infinity system at all points, and complete visibility at all times of holdings. The infinity cryptocurrency ledger system is based upon international standards and will comply with all Singapore laws for record-keeping.

Wallet Proprietary Technology

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Average transaction confirmation time: 1 second.

Average transaction fee: USD$0.10 for every 200 transaction.

Number of transaction per second: More than 20,000 per second.


X Infinity sports a working wallet app that is used as the method of contribution.

Coin Liquidity

Wallet customers are allowed to directly utilize Fiat to purchase XIF Coin through our in-built XIF X-Commerce. Thereafter, purchased XIF Coin can be used to purchase other crypto-currencies available in XIF Wallet. All cryptocurrencies are converted to XIF Coin first before being en-cashed into fiat to be loaded into XIF Debit Card or Wallet customers’ bank account. XIF Coin plans to be listed on at least three recognized major crypto-currencies exchanges. XIF Coin as a merchants-friendly preferred crypto-currency for business-to-business Fintech solution.

Revenue Streams

  • Listing fees on XIF Wallet from other Crypto-currencies and Crypto-assets.
  • Transaction fees from Fiat to Crypto-currencies and Crypto-currencies to Crypto-currencies.
  • Debit Card transaction fees. Estimated average spend of Debit Card users are USD3,750 per year/card.

Token Sale

To raise funds, a token generation event happened in June 2018 to seed the community with XIF Tokens, generating a total supply of 600 million XIF. A hard cap of USD 24 million is targetted.

Stages Allocation Coin Issued Accepted Currencies Price (XIF Coin to USD rate) Bonus Contribution Size
Angel Round (Sold Out) USD 6 million 66 million XIF ETH 1 XIF = US$0.10 10%
Pre-ICO Round (Ongoing) USD 12 million 126 million XIF BTC & ETH 1 XIF = US$0.10 5% Minimum 1 ETH
ICO Round (8 August 2018) USD 6 million 60 million XIF BTC & ETH 1 XIF = US$0.10 NIL Maximum 0.5 ETH

Sales and Marketing Strategies

The aim of the X Infinity marketing strategy is to best reach its two major stakeholder groups Merchants and Consumers to attract and retain long-term customers.

Promotional activities designed to get consumers to use X Infinity solution for transactions include:

  • ICO awareness and marketing.
  • Marketing at Point of Sale.
  • PR and brand awareness through media.

For merchants:

  • Brand awareness to promote wallet and app adoption.
  • Affiliate Program for merchants with the aim of signing them up to X Infinity. The current philosophy is to acquire as many merchants as possible. To incentivize affiliates fees may be rebated.
  • International partnership for groups wanting to white label distribution of the X Infinity wallet and solution.
  • Relationship Marketing with a sales team to approach individual merchants.

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