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Access Network ICO Review
Access Network ICO
Ticker: ACX
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-29 00:00:00
Tokens: 1 ACX
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 27%
Accepting: ETH

Access Network is constructing a World Bank for the Unbanked, complete with self-governance, incentives, and mass distribution.

Access’ own ACX tokens are used to:

– Reward the growth of a decentralized banking infrastructure – Vote on applications they want built – Unlock increased application usage – Pay for fees at a discount or – Trade-in for useful rewards such as smartphones – Access Network partners with local banking platforms like Atlas Money— a system of branchless bankers who provide door-to-door financial service to their local communities.

Atlas’ self-employed agents attend to the financial needs of their clients daily.

Carrying just a smartphone, Atlas agents service people who were excluded from participating in the global economy.



How does Access (ACX) Network empower the underserved to govern their financial future?
Proven Real-World Adoption
Access will gain instant adoption by partnering Atlas Money, a P2P agency banking platform in West Africa, with over 300 agents that visit members of their community daily to provide financial services. Atlas has over 17,000 users, who have deposited over $1.5M onto their platform and taken over 3,000 loans, with next to zero defaults. By tapping into the existing branchless infrastructure of Atlas’ Agent network, Access will become immediately exchanged and utilized.
Incentivized Development
ACX Network is an incentivized token economy controlled by network participants. A substantial portion of all Access Coin (“ACX”) is minted over time through a smart contract distributed by Decision-Making Modules voted on by the Network.
Communal Governance
A cornerstone of the ACX Network is its self-amending governance contract that allows for adaptability over time. ACX Network will strive for equitable weighing of votes so that all users may be heard.
Real World Solutions for Real World Problems
Access’ proposed Polling Module will address real-world problems and practical needs by distributing incentives through a democratic, user-driven voting process that is clearly defined.


Q1 2018: Access Network and its Governance Protocol goes live on testnet.
Q2 2018:
Token Generation Event.
Access Network and its Governance Protocol goes live on main net.
Q3 2018: Submitted Decision Making Modules will be voted on for adoption.
Q4 2018: The first decision-making module will go live on the Access Network mainnet.
Q1 2019:
Access will continue to develop useful Dapps for the Network, above and beyond developments contributed through any decision-making modules.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Mickey Costa Co-founder, CEO Mickey Costa photo 2.8
James Shuler Co-founder, CTO James Shuler photo 2.8
José V. Fernández President José V. Fernández photo 2.8
Phyllis Yeboah Ghana Community Phyllis Yeboah photo 2.8
Malick Gaye Senegal Community Malick Gaye photo 2.8
Oladayo Oyelade Senior Engineer Oladayo Oyelade photo 2.8
Ori Shimony Blockchain Engineer Ori Shimony photo 2.8
Kwesi Asemanyi Ghana Product Lead Kwesi Asemanyi photo 2.8
Ondrej David Head of Product Ondrej David photo 2.8
Magatte Wade Senegal Product Lead Magatte Wade photo 5.6
Ifeyinwa Chinke Project Manager Ifeyinwa Chinke photo 2.8
Joseph Sanni Scrum Master Joseph Sanni photo 2.8
Emeka Onu Frontend Engineer Emeka Onu photo 2.8
George Iwu Full-stack Engineer George Iwu photo 2.8
Daniel Oduonye Backend Engineer Daniel Oduonye photo 2.8
Samuel Ogundipe Backend Engineer Samuel Ogundipe photo 2.8
Babasanya Craig Backend Engineer Babasanya Craig photo 2.8
Ruth Richardson Advisor Advisors Ruth Richardson photo 2.8
Bogolo Kenewendo Advisor Advisors Bogolo Kenewendo photo 2.8
Magatte Wade Advisor Advisors Magatte Wade photo 5.6
Alison Davis Advisor Advisors Alison Davis photo 4.8
Ryan Lackey Advisor Advisors Ryan Lackey photo 14.07
Joe Urgo Advisor Advisors Joe Urgo photo 32.39
Shannon Wu Advisor Advisors Shannon Wu photo 2.8
Yasmeen Drummond Advisor Advisors Yasmeen Drummond photo 2.8

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