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ACESO Network is a user to user cyber threat intelligence platform that offers cheap malware solutions, and payments for cybersecurity professionals. Users dealing with malware pay for a malware fix rather than software, while cybersecurity professionals earn income by providing malware samples and developing malware fixes.


How ACESO works

There are four main participants in the platform: End User, Researcher, Malware Analyst and ACESO. When end users find themselves dealing with unknown malware, they will be able to submit requests to ACESO for a fix. In the meantime, a malware researcher provides malware samples, which are placed on the ACESO Market. A malware analyst accepts an end user’s request and takes his/her provided malware information, as well malware samples provided by the researcher, and develops a fix. Once a fix has been developed by the analyst and is successfully applied on the end user’s computer, a payment in tokens is taken from the user. That payment is split between the researcher (30% for providing relevant samples), the malware analyst (60% for developing a working fix) and ACESO (10% for being the middleman).[1]

Essentially, researchers are rewarded for submitting samples of malware whose fix has been requested while malware researchers get their reward for developing working fixes.

ACESO also works as an anti-virus program, which scans the computer for malware, provides certain protection and removes malware.

ACESO token

In order to use the ACESO program fully, the user first needs to obtain tokens. The program will allow to scan the computer for malware threats and will inform when something malicious is about to enter. When a user has tokens, he/she will also be able to use additional features, such as file guard and adblock. Those features are active as long as the user has tokens. Tokens will only be used when dealing with malware.[2]

Malware researchers and analysts will be rewarded for their work in tokens. Tokens will be available for exchange on various online exchange services.

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