Achain is a multifunctional platform that resembles Ethereum in its functional data. With its help, developers can easily develop applications, smart contracts, tokens or entire blockchain systems.



The main difference between the Ethereum and Achain projects is in the consensus Protocol. Achain uses a unique RDPoS Protocol, which is developed based on the DPoS algorithm. The new Protocol does not take up excessive computing power and can use a node of one or more alternative agents to check the block. This reduces network load, improves security, increases the speed of computing operations and allows even heavy blocks of data to be exchanged quickly.

ACT token

ACT is an internal digital coin designed specifically for the Achain platform. In total, 3 billion tokens will be released, of which 1 billion have already been released after ICO (July 2017).

In early February 2018, the total market capitalization of the coin was 102 319 800 USD, the average daily volume rose to 9 069 680 USD, and the price of the token is 0.34 $.

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