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AgroTechFarm ICO
Ticker: ATF
ICO start: 2018-06-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 ATF = 0,012ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 5000000
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 40000 ETH
Softcap: 1,600 ETH
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 65%
Accepting: ETH

ATF farms is the world’s first appliances production of which will be launched based on crowd investments through the blockchain platform. ATF farms facilitate growth of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, cannabis, and other plants.

ATF equipment users unite in a single system of producers of organic products and consumers. Home users in the all world and users in regions not suitable for agro cultivation receive fresh food every day.

The agro tech industry in on the rise and it will be a multi-billion dollar industry soon. ATF farms is creating the future!



The aim of the project is to make it possible for everyone to eat organic food and stop pollution of the Earth with chemicals of agriculture, by creating a mass production of ATF equipment for home and industrial year-round plant growing in enclosed spaces using the developed technology of automatic, thrifty growing for consumers around the world. For this, we have developed a concept for the creation of a global ecosystem of healthy food in which all users who want to consume or buy products grown by ATF equipment will be united.
ATF devices provide an automatic growth of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, cannabis and many other plants. The ATF technique requires minimal customer involvement during in the process of vegetation and does not require any specific knowledge in the field of agronomy. A specially designed LED lamp not only saves electricity but is also capable of simulating a spectrum close to sunlight, which greatly speeds up the process of photosynthesis in plants. Thanks to the perfectly selected temperature regime for each crop, automatic irrigation with the addition of the necessary nutrient minerals and optimum moisture, the average crop yield of the ATF device is higher than the yield of greenhouse crops and crops grown outdoors. The solution recuperation system and pointwise dosing of the necessary nutrients allows to use all the fertilizers as intended, and the biofilter with bacteria constantly saturates the solution with beneficial bacteria, thus the system is self-sufficient, which allows to reduce the effect on the ecological component of the Earth to zero.
About the company
Historically, the company was formed in 2012 from a group of people with experience in various fields of activity, where each person is a specialist in his field. The team includes specialists from the areas of plant growing, agronomy, agrochemistry, programming, design, management, marketing, government and finance. This allowed us to create a strong team of like-minded people and to develop a unique product for 5 years of painstaking work.
Since 2012 we have been developing and experimenting with growing various crops based on hydroponics, aeroponics and drip irrigation. With our developments we took part in the innovative exhibition in Skolkovo and won the prize. In 2014 we received our first patent for a model for growing plants by hydroponics, in which the principle of rational use of the area of the premises was realized.
The focus of the company was the creation of automated industrial equipment for the cultivation of tomatoes and peppers. The first prototype was created, which had artificial lighting and auto watering. Its dimensions were large, but the number of seats was not. Then there was an idea to make the equipment compact for use at home. So there were first prototypes of ATF home equipment. In 2016 an expensive equipment was purchased to create our own large phyto laboratory in order to study the physiology of plants and improve the consumer qualities of the products. At this stage, the cultivation of strawberries, lettuce, arugula, basil and other greens has been specifically studied. In 2017 fully automated systems for growing crops were introduced and three additional applications for patents were filed, which are currently being registered. Specialists of the company regularly participate in thematic scientific and business conferences, conduct training courses. One of the successfully implemented projects is the creation of a business for mobile production of fresh, environmentally friendly micro-greenery in several cities.
To date, we have a pre-production version of ATF Home. In the third quarter of 2018, we plan to produce a fully finished model for sale. plan to attract investors’ funds within the framework of the ICO. After the ICO, which ends on July 31, 2013, the serial production of ATF Home is launched. Entering the US and Canada markets is planned before the end of 2018, parallel to the start of sales of equipment in Europe. The launch of the production of the industrial plant will begin after the tests, which we plan to complete before the end of 2018. ATF Industrial equipment is planned to be supplied all over the world, especially in areas with unfavorable climatic conditions.


2012: Running a business process, implementing the first ideas and experiments.
2013: Submission of documents for obtaining a patent, testing of installations and modernization
2014: Obtaining a patent, the first participation in thematic exhibitions.
2014: The beginning of the development of the first system of automation of the growing process, testing of growth
2015: A prototype of the Home series was developed for growing tall plants by hydroponics.
2016: Conducting tests of the equipment of the Home series, modernization of technological units and software.
2017: They created the design of the equipment, presented it at the exhibitions, received the first interested clients and
small investors.
2017: We launched the cultivation and sale to consumers of micro greenery under the “Organic greens” brand.
2017: Preparation of the project for ICO
2018: Developed a pre-series model of the ATF-Home Series equipment, testing is in progress.
Q1-2 2018: Conducting of ICO
Q3 2018: Launching the production of the Home series of equipment, creating a prototype of the Industrial series for
Q4 2018: The official start of sales of equipment.
Q1 2019: Launching a demonstration industrial farm.
Q2 2019: Presentation of equipment at international exhibitions.
Q2 2013: Expansion of sales areas of equipment, increase sales worldwide.
Q4 2019: Development and creation of the first prototype of a complex for growing plants by the aquaponics method,
testing the system.
2020: Installation of industrial farms around the world in places with unfavorable climatic conditions
2020-2023: Development of equipment for growing crops in conditions close to Mars, developing a method of a closed
production cycle under conditions of weightlessness.
2023-2025: Creation of a prototype and testing of new developments, modernization of methods and technological nodes.
2025: Delivery of installations to Mars together with Elon Mask[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Greg Limon Founder at Canada Capital Group Inc. Advisors 20.9
Eli Bernstein Innovation Strategist Advisors 5.9
Kevin Benckendorf Marketing Advisors 3.9
Dean Karakitsos Business management Advisors 55.6
Madicyn Marinaro Advisor, Cannabis Expert California ; Advisors 3.9
Farooq A Rahim Advisor Advisors 17.1
Stan Milc BUSINESS Advisors 3.9
Jared Johnson CMO at NagriTech International Distributors Ltd Advisors 7.9
Aleksandra Liashkova Master of Business Administration Advisors 6.9
Jeremy Khoo Blockchain Entrepreneur | Retail, ECommerce, Fintech | Advisor | Singapore Advisors 74.61
Arbin Godar Security Advisor Advisors 3.9
Ilya Tsigvintsev CEO & Founder Team Ilya Tsigvintsev photo 3.9
Alexander Basov COO & Co-Founder Team Alexander Basov photo 3.9
Alexey Kovnerchuk Technical Engineer Team Alexey Kovnerchuk photo 3.9
Kirill Smirnov Agro technology Team Kirill Smirnov photo 6.7
Alexander Orlov Industrial Designer Team Alexander Orlov photo 3.9
Sergey Mosolov IT Team Sergey Mosolov photo 3.9
Olga Bashirova CBO Team Olga Bashirova photo 3.9
Olga Prilepina Legal adviser Team Olga Prilepina photo 3.9
Evgeniy Kurochkin AGRONOM Team Evgeniy Kurochkin photo 3.9
Hasan Whitehat Programming, Security Team 3.9
Mikhail Chistopolov CSO Team Mikhail Chistopolov photo 3.9
Natalia Savinova PR MANAGER Team Natalia Savinova photo 3.9

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