Airbitz is a mobile Android and iOS wallet provider and merchant location service based in San Diego, California.[1]


Main information

  • Country: United States
  • Headquarter: San Diego
  • Type: Infrastructure
  • Round: Seed
  • Cost: $0.03 million
  • Date: 12-Jan-2015
  • Investors: Plug and Play Tech Center

Airbitz is a bitcoin wallet provider and merchant directory headquartered in San Diego, CA founded by Paul Puey, Scott Morgan, Tim Horton, William Swanson, and Damian Cutillo.[2] In January 2015 they received $25,000 from the Plug N Play Tech Center and joined their accelerator program. In July 2015, Airbitz raised $450,000 from venture capital firm Block26. In April 2017, Airbitz and Lunyr became partners.[3] In October 2017, Cashaa partnered with Airbitz  for secure and speedy global payments. In the same month Airbitz  rebrands to ‘Edge’.


CEO of Airbitz, Paul Puey speaks regularly at bitcoin industry events. He has given talks in New Zealand, San Francisco, Denver, LA, and Australia.[4] He talks about and advocates for a decentralized future of bitcoin.


Airbitz – Bitcoin Wallet Security, Privacy, & Ease of Use

Airbitz cryptocurrency wallet is an application that offers a wide range of functionality for operating with digital money. It is easy to use, intuitive interface in the absence of a multitude of unnecessary or complicated options, but also provides you the opportunity to use the client on both Android and iOS platform.[5]

The functionality of the Airbitz multi-currency wallet offers not only standard sending and receiving of funds, but also the use of hierarchical deterministic wallets, in which the generation of a working key can be carried out with the help of subsidiaries. Storing Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other assets in The airbitz wallet is a great solution for both beginners and pros. The application is actively used not only for personal purposes, but also for doing business, which is relevant today, because digital money managed to leak into almost all spheres of human activity.

Airbitz cryptocurrency wallet allows you to exchange bitcoin coins for Fiat money. Creating a wallet Airbitz provides you with a list of organizations and companies that accept cryptocurrency and are nearby – now you can pay for a trip to the restaurant, products in the store or a ticket to the cinema with digital money. Installing the airbitz wallet allows you to appreciate the wide functionality of The application – you can store and operate your digital assets in safety and confidentiality. Developers paid special attention to the issue of security, despite the mobility of the client. You can be sure of the safety of their funds in any situation.


  • the ability to import gift cards;
  • increased safety of funds storage;
  • decentralizing production network;
  • the ability to encrypt data;
  • work in offline mode when the servers are turned off;
  • independent control of assets without access to third party funds;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • the ability to carry out transactions through the use of Bluetooth technology.


the need for a sufficiently complex password because of the storage service encrypted copies of your client. However, this can be tolerated, because against the backdrop of a mass of advantages, this feature of the application does not seem so global.

Libbitcoin Support

  • Company hosts several community libbitcoin server Libbitcoin Server nodes.
  • The wallet obtains blockchain information from community servers.
  • The wallet is open source and based on Libbitcoin.
  • Employees contribute significantly to the development of the libbitcoin libraries.

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