Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet & Directory

The Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet & Directory/Map is a native mobile app for iOS and Android with a core focus on ease of use and ease of security. Airbitz implements a beautifully designed mobile app with the familiarity of mobile banking but with true Bitcoin functionality under the hood. Users are in full control of their private keys which are created and encrypted on the user’s device but backed up to peer-to-peer servers and synchronized with other user devices.

Creation of an Airbitz wallet account requires just a username, password, and PIN. These credentials allow users to access their wallets from any number of iOS or Android devices.

Airbitz also integrates a bitcoin business directory listing 3800+ merchants and other businesses in over 16 countries that accept bitcoin.



  • Easy, familiar setup using just a username, password, and PIN
  • Strong privacy. No need to provide name, email, or phone number
  • Pay via Bluetooth (BLE) without using QR codes
  • Multi-device sync between any Android or iOS devices
  • Transaction metadata (Payee, Category, Notes) editable by user
  • Export of transaction history to CSV
  • Request payment via email or SMS
  • Merchant mode with partial payment detection
  • Daily spending limits
  • Built in calculator

External Links

  • Bitcoin Wallet API Library – The Airbitz Core (ABC) gives developers the ability to build Bitcoin products such as currency exchanges, ATMs, POS solutions, games, and payroll services that are fully integrated with accounts and wallets from the Airbitz mobile app.


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