Alex Waters

Alex Waters is an American technology entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Coin Apex, a -based incubator that helps facilitate the creation and growth of technology startups. He has also been active in the creation of bitcoin-related companies and Coin Validation.



Waters studied software engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Waters co-founded Coin Apex, a bitcoin incubator and investment company, and serves as CEO. Prior to Coin Apex, Waters was a computer programmer, and joining now-defunct bitcoin exchange site BitInstant as COO and CIO. Along with Matthew Mellon and Yifu Guo, he then co-founded bitcoin due diligence service Coin Validation, which aims to help bitcoin users be compliant with U.S. regulators. In early 2015, Waters was a speaker on The Business Survival Guide to Bitcoin panel at the New York State Bar Association.


Waters has stated that he believes there is the potential for bitcoin technology to be used in other areas, such as a decentralized ledger system. In an interview with Benzinga, Waters stated his view that the impact of bitcoin will rival that of the Internet.


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