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Alexander Ivanov – is a founder and director of Waves Platform. Sasha Ivanov launched the first instant exchange, the first token CoinoUSD and the first index of cryptocurrencies, and created a blockchain venture Cryptoasset fund.



Sasha Ivanov was born in Ukraine. He graduated from the Faculty of Theoretical Physics of Moscow State University, and then he pursued postgraduate studies in Leipzig University.

He was engaged in the development of software for electronic payment systems and neural networks for forecasting of financial markets. After the appearance of the blockchain technology, he launched the first instant exchange of cryptocurrencies, the first fiat token CoinoUSD and the first exchange index of crypto-currencies, and also created a blockchain-based venture fund (the amount of investment is $ 200,000).

In April 2016, he founded the Waves Platform [1], the blockchain platform for the issuance and sale of digital assets, which in June 2016 run an ICO for the amount of $ 16 million.

Waves platform

The platform was founded by entrepreneur Alexander Ivanov in 2016. The orienting point for the project was the NXT blockchain-platform, a decentralized infrastructure with the ability to produce cryptographic tokens.

In early March 2017, the Waves Platform and the Party of Growth announced the opening of a joint blockchain project “People of Growth”. A special token was created under the project’s tasks, which is the financial main platform – Upcoin.

In May of this year Waves Platform began to operate in the Microsoft Azure cloud. And at the end of June, Sasha Ivanov reported about the integration of the dollar payment gateway into the Lite Client, which provides users of the wallet with the opportunity to replenish the account in foreign currency.

To date, Waves tokens are accepted by Gusto DiVino pizzeria, as well as the Dutch restaurant RUIG drinks & bites, located in Ede.


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