Asch is a cryptocurrency and a digital currency platform for developing decentralized applications. Its developers describe it with 3 adjectives: safe, flexible, and effective. The cost of one coin is $0.77 with the capitalization of the project $72 million and more than 7 million daily trades. When creating the Asch platform, developers wanted to provide a large number of programmers with tools that would be understandable to a wide range of specialists. The creation of decentralized applications (DApps) on the Asch platform occurs through the JavaScript programming language.



Asch is a cryptocurrency that can be mined. It is based on the DPOs consensus algorithm supplemented by PBFT technology and SHA256 algorithm. It uses a crosschain protocol that allows applications developed on Asch to integrate with the main blockchain network for data transfer between all applications in the ecosystem. To make DApp development on Asch easier, the project team has created all the necessary APIs that have a basic character that is easy to combine with applications. With these APIs, developers of decentralized applications can create products for any field of activity.

Where to buy Asch cryptocurrency

Asch has been trading on exchanges since April 2017, but it is still not added to the listing on the top platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Now, cryptocurrency Asch can be bought on OEX, Bit-Z, CoinEgg, Cucoin.

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