ATC coin

ATC coin is India’s first digital currency, which serves the ATC ecosystem as the primary unit of payment. Can be used as a settlement currency for purchases of goods or services. Can also be used for the internal functions of the ATC, for example: to generate tokens for transmission and storage or transaction fees for payments.

History of creation

Technology ATC coin belongs to the company Jewria Service Club India Pvt. Ltd. With twenty years of experience in various areas of business, Mr. Subhash Jewria created ATC coin as a counterweight to Bitcoin, which at that time was valued on exchanges more than $ 3000. This price made Bitcoin inaccessible to investment for ordinary citizens of India. Using his experience in MLM business, Subhash Jewria has developed and proposed its marketing plan to build a business in the cryptocurrency market using its own internal digital currency – ATC Coin, registered on may 11, 2017 in London, UK.

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